Just to be clear. this list is just about the pure strength of the following characters; it’s not factoring in other superpowers. So you won’t find Professor Xavier or the Phoenix type characters. No omega power sets.

This is also just my opinion on the matter. So if you disagree, feel free to let us know in the comments; I’m always interested in talking comics with you folks. Anyway, let’s jump right into it. Here’s my list of the 10 strongest Marvel and DC superheroes.

10. Spider-Man

spider man strong.jpg

You might not think it, but Spider-Man is a whole lot stronger than most people realize. According to his origin, the spider that bit him was able to lift over ten times its own body weight. So when you convert that over to human size, it equals out to a great deal of power.

Not only has there been countless times where he’s accomplished amazing physical feats to save people, but he constantly has to hold back a lot of the time when it comes to facing his villains. Otherwise he’d cause them great physical harm. Which kinda goes against the whole being a superhero thing.

Here’s a rundown of some of his most notable feats of strength:

  • Lifts a train car.
  • Supporting and holding up the Daily Bugle building, then stabilizes it with his webbing.
  • Frees himself from tons of metal and debris.
  • Lifts cars easily.
  • Rips a lamppost out from the ground, then smashes a police truck with it.
  • Holds up then smashes a solid gold statue into pieces.
  • Throws Wolverine out of an “unbreakable” window.
  • Easily lifts a bus.
  • Frees himself from a huge stone plug that took him and She-Hulk to lift before.
  • Once again frees himself from under tons of debris.
  • Supports a huge helicopter from falling.
  • Lifts a small tank in the air and slams it to ground, and then he slams another tank to other one with his webbing.
  • Lifts and carries two cars with just one hand web-slings with them and throws them through a window.
  • Easily topples over a train car that Paladin was struggling with only a flick of his finger.
  • Stops a speeding truck with his bare hands.
  • Catches a car thrown at him by the Hulk without much problem.
  • Lifts a huge amount of rubble.
  • Rips apart Puma’s robot.
  • Demolishes an entire building.
  • Punches Iron Man through a wall.
  • Rips apart Dr. Octopus’ titanium tentacles.
  • dismantled two Sentinels.

9. Martian Manhunter

martian manhunter.jpg

Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz) could probably go toe-to-toe with Superman if need be. But he’s the kind of strong where he’d rather not even have a physical altercation and instead finds more of a civil way to take you out. But on more than one occasion when Superman’s not a part of the Justice League, Martian Manhunter is considered one of the big hitters.

Notable feat of strength:

In Martian Manhunter #7 he’s forced into a confrontation with the JLA by his evil brother Malefic, J’onn takes hits from Superman, Barda, Wonder Woman and Orion one after the other and not only does none of that even slow him down, he is able to combine his shape-shifting with his strength to manhandle Wonder Woman, Orion and Barda simultaneously as well as prevent Aquaman from being able to harm him before leaving to make sense of the whole situation.

8. AquaMan

aquaman strength

Due to being part Atlantean, AquaMan’s bones and muscles are a lot more dense so he is able to survive the pressure of being in the deep ocean. This is like having the ultimate weight vest on. So whenever he’s on the surface world he’s one of the strongest beings on the planet.

A few notable feats of AquaMan’s strength:

In the New 52 he casually lifted a large cruise ship and in another instance he threw a cargo ship underwater. He’s also thrown submarines and lifted buildings over his head.

7. Captain America

captain america strength.jpg

After going through an experiment which turned Steve Rogers into a super soldier, he gained a whole slew of powers. Among those power is super strength. I don’t care who you are, if you can punch a giant hole through a wall or take a hit from the Hulk (especially when you’re still a human being) that takes some incredible strength.

Here are some notable feats of strength by Cap:

  • Without the SSS (Super Soldier Serum), takes down a few SSS-induced goons using pure fighting skills, then takes down more after being restored with the SSS.
  • Holds his own against the Hulk.
  • Single-handedly takes out a group of Asgardian Trolls.
  • Saves Tony Stark from a huge monster.
  • Proves worthy of Mjolnir.
  • States that he is adept in every form of H2H combat.
  • Being trained to become Captain America before the SSS enhancement.
  • Strength described as being preternatural.
  • Lifts a tree.
  • Tosses an anchor.
  • Hauls a supply truck.
  • Breaking steel chains.
  • Almost outruns a group of large birds capable of running up to speeds of 50 miles per hour (while in the snow).
  • Rips a statue out of its base while bound to it.
  • Forces his shield through the doors and mashes it into the wall to stop the falling elevator he was trapped in.
  • Rips the arm off of a robot.
  • Closes hatch doors with his strength.
  • Leaps a few stories up.
  • Forces a steel door open while injured.
  • Races across the room and beats the bullets to their target, blocking it with his shield.
  • Catches a torpedo by throwing his shield to deflect the torpedo car upwards.
  • Dodging multiple gunfire.
  • Throws a huge block of concrete at a sniper posted on top of a building.
  • Takes down Electro.
  • Cable admits to Cap being faster and stronger.
  • Dodges and weaves through bullets, lasers, and explosions.
  • Simultaneously deflects bullets and dodging another bullet with a shield throw.
  • Uses his shield to extinguish and then relights a lighter.
  • Beats Black Panther.
  • Knocks out Namor.
  • Defeats Klaw.
  • Defeats Thunderstrike.
  • Defeats Spider-Man with Spidey running away.
  • Can focus chi.
  • Defeated Taskmaster.
  • Defeats Lady DeathStrike.
  • Stalemates T’Chaka (T’Challa’s, the modern Black Panther, father).
  • Throws shield fast and accurate enough to catch up with a missile that held Falcon bound to it.
  • Severs Red Skull’s arm with a shield throw.
  • Sees faster than bullet speed.
  • Shield throwing ricochet takes out an opponent.
  • Takes out a military helicopter with great accuracy.
  • Draws blood from the Hulk with a shield bash.
  • Knocks Colossus off his feet.
  • Explains to Nick Fury how he was able to defeat Lady Doctor Octopus and Hobogoblin when he was ambushed at his house.
  • Holds his own against Wolverine.
  • Shield is capable of withstanding a blast from Mjolnir.
  • Uses mastery of pressure point strikes to incapacitate the Hulk.
  • decapitated Baron Blood.
  • Lands some blows on Nightmare.
  • Holds his own against Carnage.
  • Stuns Onslaught.
  • KO’s the Rhino.
  • And most famously known for…………….
  • Goes H2H with a super-strong Kree.

6. Captain Marvel

captain marvel strength.jpg

Or as he’s now known as, Shazam, gets his powers in quite a different way than most folks. He got his powers from magic; they were granted to him by a magical wizard. Among those powers are his super strength that puts him on par with Superman—even giving him the upper hand on Supes because magic is one of Superman’s few weaknesses.

Here are some of Shazam’s notable feats of strength:

  • Flies and catches a ship thrown by Superman possessed by Eclipso, whom was trying to kill the civilians on board.
  • Arm-wrestles Superman to a stalemate.
  • Holds his own against Superman, Jay Garrick, and Alan Scott.
  • Fights and defeats Black Adam by removing his Power Scarab.
  • Claims to move at the speed of lightning.
  • Catches the Flash (Barry Allen).
  • Him and Superman making their way back to Earth flying very fast.
  • Saves Superman by speed-blitzing Bizarro, Solomon Grundy, Parasite, and Metallo.
  • Prevented Black Adam from changing into his powered state by changing his “magic word”.
  • Resists being possessed by the Spear of Destiny and uses it on the Spectre.
  • Throws Dr. Fate’s helmet into outer space.
  • As Lord Marvel, resurrects a lifeless Katana.
  • Claimed by Mr. Terrific that Marvel and Hawkman are the best two people to bring Superman in.
  • Changes the Earth’s weather patterns by flying across it to spell out a message.
  • Travels faster than the speed of light.
  • Powers of SHAZAM (used by Freddy Freeman with the help of Zatanna) to temporarily depower 10,000 Kryptonians in an instant. (It’s safe to say that Billy Batson can do this also).
  • Defeats Black Adam again.
  • Lifts and pushes an aircraft with one arm.
  • Flies around fast enough to create a tornado to dissipate a gas bomb.

5. The Thing

the thing strength.jpg

The ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing is perhaps one of the biggest hitters in all of the Marvel Universe. He’s known for having legendary brawls with the Hulk. He’s even been able to get a few wins out of the many times they’ve faced off. And beating the Hulk is damn near impossible.

Notable feat of strength:

Beating the f#%king Hulk!

4. Hulk

the hulk strength.jpg

The Hulk is a ridiculous freak of nature (or science if you will) who can only be stopped by a select few. As he gets angrier he gets stronger. And I don’t know about you, but to me that would be an unlimited amount of strength at my disposal.

Here’s some notable feats of strength by the Hulk:

  • Stopped the Juggernaut while in motion (while his power was amped by apocalypse, Hulk #457)
  • Fought an entire roster of the X-Men by himself as World War Hulk.
  • Fought Sentry to a standstill. (Sentry has the power of a million exploding suns).
  • Held together a tectonic plate, or 4 quintillion tons [Incredible Hulk vol.2 #102]
  • Destroys the asteroid (twice the size of Earth) with the help of a jetpack [Marvel Comics Presents # 52]
  • The Immovable Blob is unbelievably struck backwards by the Hulk’s punch [Marvel Fanfare #7]
  • Literally punches through a time storm (one that even Kang’s time machine cannot penetrate) and rends apart the space-time continuum enough for Kang to travel through [Incredible Hulk #135]
  • Ares’ spear breaks against Savage Hulk’s hide [Hulk Vs Hercules: When Titans Collide #1]
  • Hawkeye’s arrows cannot pierce Savage Hulk’s eyeballs [Avengers vol.3 #75]
  • survived being blasted by Galactus [Secret Wars #9]
  • Cracks Onslaught’s armor
  • Shook the multiverse after colliding with an amped Iron Clad
  • Destroyed a universe by fighting Dark-Crawler
  • Lifted the weight of a star while being tortured

3. Wonder Woman

wonder woman strength.jpg

The warrior princess is not only the strongest female character but perhaps one of the strongest superheroes in comics. She’s gone up against God and is still standing. Wonder Woman has definitely earned her spot as one of the strongest superheroes of all time.

Notable feats of strength:

2. Thor

thor strength.jpg

The god of thunder is probably one of the strongest beings in all the nine realms. Even without his trusted hammer he’s been known to best most who have challenged him.

Notable feats of strength:

  • Thor arm-wrestles Hercules to a draw, causing the area to collapse and shifting the planet out of orbit.
  • In probably his most famous strength feat, Thor lifts the Midgard Serpent, which is said to be half or just as heavy as the planet Earth itself.
  • Resists the gravimetic pressure equal to the weight of a neutron star.
  • Pushes the WorldEngine in order to reserve Yggdrasil the World Tree.
  • Accidentally knocks out Namor (while fighting in the rain) while holding back.
  • Struck a hole in Exitar the Exterminator’s (a Celestial) armor. The force of the blow was felt thoughout the entire planet.
  • Carves out an uru hammer with his fingers.
  • Frees his half-brother Vidar by effortlessly breaking chains that are made to withstand the strength of 10 giants.
  • Destroys an alien tank and, from it, molds tons of metal into a makeshift hammer.
  • Breaks free from an Olympian metal harness.
  • Closes a chasm of “a million tons of earth” over Loki.
  • Effortlessly snaps out of adamantium alloy cables.
  • Crushes the Silver Surfer’s force-field (amped by Loki’s magic) that kept him away from Mjolnir.
  • Again, Thor destroy another one of Silver Surfer’s force-fields with one strike.
  • Thor’s punches, that when combined with another of equal strength, are capable of closing dimensional rifts.
  • Knocked out Abomination with a single blow.
  • Thor’s and Beta Ray Bill’s colliding punch leveled the surrounding countryside.
  • Matches a Savage Hulk’s strength for an entire hour in a power struggle.

1. Superman

superman strength.jpg

Now he hasn’t always been the strongest. But throughout the years he definitely has evolved into the strongest superhero in comics to date. Even against other Kryptonians he eventually ends up defeating them—even though theoretically, they should be evenly matched.

Notable feats of strength:

  • He Broke Batman’s Back! This Isn’t that impressive, but not a lot of people can do this.
  • He ripped Doomsday in Half.
  • He moved the whole Earth.
  • He lifted 200 quintillion tons.
  • He bench pressed the weight of the Earth for five days in a row.
  • He carried an entire Galaxy.
  • He carried Eternity.
  • He carried Infinity. Infinity is more than eternity. Infinity is time, space and quantity while eternity is infinite time.
superman picking up eternity.jpg

Well, that’s it. What do you think of the list? Feel like some other well-known superheroes should be on this list instead? Let me know in the comments. And if you’re interested in some comic book talk, be sure to browse through the DPW Podcast feed. We have quite a few comic book themed episodes.

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  1. Pretty good but didn’t do superman justice. for one thing shazam and superman didn’t arm wrestle to a stalemate, superman beat him see the entire comic page not just one picture. next superman beat the crap out of the hulk multiple times every time in a slug fest rendering him knocked out, once he even just stood there and let hulk punch him without moving. He also beat the crap out of thor leaving him on his back bloodied and cowering, he also beat he-man, he held an attacking wonder woman straining and struggling the same way a body builder would hold an average strength woman. he beat the crap out of dark sied an nearly ripped off his arm. superman held a black hole in his hand, held entropy and survived the heart big bang explosion. Now while other characters may try and copy the same feats as supes, he was the first to do it and the only to survive the big bang. nothing CAN out do that all you can do is copy. Hulk duplicated things at his apex but superman is all relative to how much sun he has had lately, if he stay for prolonged time he becomes all powerful able to create universes and people. If he claims his sword power….again all powerful. the only superhero stronger than superman (without prolonged sun and sword) is the spectre. so spectre should be number 1. next, spiderman is wayyyyyyy stronger than captain america. spiderman can lift way more than ten times his body weight. All this stuff is stupid of course but imagination is fun and thats what its here for. thanks again for taking the time to make this

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It seems you dont know your comic books or you just chose your favorite ones. Lets start off with Superman. Imo he shouldn’t be on any strength list cause between MU & DCU he is by far the most inconsistent written super hero. Yes he definitely grew stronger when Siegel & Shuster lost all creative control over their creation. One of the main reasons Supes got stronger and stronger was to compete against the Hulk. When Siegel & Shuster lost their artistic control that’s when it first started to get out of hand. But you could say the same thing with the Hulk. But if you look at the animations there’s more consistently accurate with showing the Hulk’s power. As for Man of Steel you are always wondering why in movie c has no problems in ripping off a boulder that’s a part of a stalagmite but in movie b he has major problems in ripping off the similar setup.

    As for Captain America he is actually one of MU’s weakest heroes in terms of strength. He has unbelievable stamina. If you base it on that then yes he would be one of the strongest but you’re not. Lets see who in MU is stronger than CA……..well you forgot Bruce’s cousin Jennifer Walters, aka She-hulk. Luke Cage Powerman is stronger than CA. Then there’s the Namor whose stronger than CA but if he is out of water too long then CA will be stronger.eventually. spider-Woman, Ms Marvel, Colossus and i could continue but why? As you can see by my list it’s making CA look weaker and weaker.


  3. Those Sperman vs The Hulk storylines were nothing but fan favorites so you still cant say whose stronger. It’s just absurd to to think that is canon. As the years passed they both got ridiculously strong but the stories also got more outlandish. If you want to do this who is stronger shit then go to when they were first created and then compare the two. And the way i see it if they had a fight Superman would win by using his heat vision through Hulk’s eyes and boil Hulk’s brains thus killing the Hulk to win the fight. But if he did that in my opinion that isn’t fighting. It’s like you and me having a fight but the only difference is you have a gun and shoot me. That’s cheating and besides Superman would never purposely kill. If it’s just a good ol’ fashion street brawl then Superman would always lose under Siegel & Shuster cause they really never stated how he gets his powers but it was established very early on about the Hulk’s stamina. Enter Man of Steels next gen of storytellers and how this gen wrote in how he gets his strength and abils from solar energy. (Which technically makes him the first “green” superhero.) Anyways, imo was a really sound theory. Now with this in mind all Superman needs to do is not drain his battery by staying in places that block out solar energy for too long but in a fight with the Hulk won’t be a problem. Now with this in mind will Superman now win? Nope! It will always end up in a draw with no clear sign of showing any advantage on either side. Heh, most likely it’ll show Hulk bounding away. As for Supes he’ll probably have one of those what the hell just happen here expressions on his face. Now if one wants to argue who is stronger from this timeline then I will be for it. To me the third gen imo has ruined Superman with so many inconsistencies. But now to say who would win in a fight and how it will happen. We will never know.


  4. Superman the only character to have been killed. That says it all. Batman kicked his ass and the only power he has is he is rich lol. Too me the strongest superhero of them all is Thor after all he is a God he has also kicked the Hulks ass and that to me makes him number #1


    1. Mr this happened because superman always holds back his true power he has shifted a whole galaxy which thor or anyone cannot do in his/her dreams


    2. First of all, Superman cannot really die. He just goes into a coma. He has to withhold a vast majority of his power. Also, he may have been the only one to “die”, but he also lifted eternity and infinity, proving his strength. After all, this was a strength competition. Thor would never stand a chance against Superman.


    3. We forget doubly powerful beings like the Blue Marvel and Collosus of The XMen. MEn, I say this is gross injustice to Marvel’s creations


    1. True, but so can many other speedsters. And you might want to be more specific about your heroes seeing as there are 4 different Flashes in dc.


  5. You can clearly see that you know absolutely nothing about Superman. Except what SA/DCtards think they know about Superman. RTDC! READ THE DAMN DC COMICS, and not just individual scans of unknown people from the Internet with descriptions of what you have to believe!


  6. You obviously haven’t done your research. Even Batman is stronger than Captain America. Plus, you’ve forgotten about dc and marvel characters who would dominate these guys.


  7. And dude! How can you forget the Presence! A guy with unlimited power. As another person said, you seem to have picked the more well known superheroes instead of looking for accurate answers. Try to look for more answers instead of picking your childhood favourites.


  8. WTF, where is Dr. Manhatran? He can manipulate matter, time and he is invincible, he does not have any weaknesses. He can warp to any reality, teleport or regenerate from total disintegration. Even Reverse Flash referred him as “God” and in search of him was almost killed.


  9. Ok another one omg are you guys stupid or something sorry but like do you guys not know your superheros like Spectre is stronger than superman and hulk is stronger than wonder woman because hulk can beat superman very close so fix yo damn list you unts


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