Once Again, Hotshot hits all the right notes!

Hotshot 7 art.png

This two-part story opens up with Hotshot fighting a lady who’s able to control a dinosaur (an awesome way to start a comic, I may add). During the middle of this fight a new mysterious hero shows up and goes by the name of Dynagirl (from Red Handed Studios). After the two heroes team up to deal with the threat, they get stuck in between each hero’s home dimension—and must engage in a huge battle to protect both of their worlds.

This was a super fun, entertaining story jam-packed with great action. It’s always nice to see a crossover between two companies and their heroes. Especially in the indie comic scene. I’m not sure about Dynagirl, (since I haven’t read any of her previous stories) but I know with Hotshot this particular story does a lot to move the character forward—setting things up for future issues. There’s also some pretty cool nods to other comic characters if you look hard enough.

As always, when it comes to this series, the art is really on point. There’s a lot going on—especially in issue 8—but you’re never left confused or wondering what’s happening because the imagery is so good. And as a personal favorite, there’s a page that has 32 different panels on; which is pretty damn sweet looking.

hotshot art 3.png

What I really like about this series so far is that it has that feeling of what a good superhero comics should be: a lot of fun, action, and solid storytelling to move the plot forward. And it doesn’t look like this series is stopping anytime soon—which makes me extremely happy since Hotshot is becoming one of my favorite indie superhero titles.

Hotshot Issues 7 and 8 get…

whiskey shots.jpg

4 Out of 5 Whiskey Shots

hotshot art 2.png

Hotshot back cover.png



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