Like my previous article, (10 Strongest Superheroes: Marvel and DC Characters) this is just about how physically strong the characters are and not taking in what other powers they may have. But this time instead of doing heroes, we’re covering the villains. Let’s jump right into it with…

10. Amazo


Amazo is an android who can mimic the powers of anyone it comes in contact with. It can also use multiple powers at the same time, making this android a real hard enemy to fight.

Notable feat of strength:

  • Has absorbed the powers of Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Aquaman.

9. Mongul


Mongul is the ruler of War World. With a name like that, you have to be one tough S.O.B to be in charge of that place. And they don’t call his planet War World for nothing.

The only way to survive is to beat the tar out of whoever you’re pinned against in the ultimate gladiator fight. Mongul has fought against the Green Lantern Corps and Superman multiple times, being one of their toughest enemies.

Notable fact:

  • According to Superman, Mongul’s strength rivals that of Darkseid.

8. Bizarro


It doesn’t matter if he’s from a parallel universe or a clone made from Superman’s DNA—he’s a tough guy to take down. He would probably be higher on the list if it wasn’t for the fact he’s not intelligent enough to use his strength to reach his full capabilities.

Bizarro trivia:

  • Bizarro is also known as Bizarro Superman and Bizarro No. 1.
  • Bizarro wears a chain around his neck with a stone medallion that reads, “Bizarro No. 1” (the second “R” in Bizarro’s name is reversed). Ironically, this version of the Bizarro is the third being to assume such a name since Crisis on Infinite Earths. In Bizarro-logic however, declaring himself No. 1 makes perfect sense. His costume is the same as Superman’s except for the colors, pink instead of red and purple instead of blue, and the “S” logo, which is backwards.

7. Juggernaut

the juggernaut.jpg

The unmovable object who has fought the X-Men from almost the very beginning. The juggernaut got his strength from a magical crystal, which means there’s almost no limit to how strong he really is.

Notable feats:

  • Pounds She-Hulk
  • Beats Professor Hulk
  • Ragdolls Hyperion
  • Staggers and draws blood from Hyperion
  • A punch sends Thor flying
  • Matches Thor
  • Easily causes earthquakes
  • Snaps magic constructs
  • Shows Rogue his pimp-hand
  • Can do thunderclaps again
  • His punches can cause magnitude 4.8 earthquakes
  • Laughs off Captain Britain

6. Black Adam

black adam.jpg

There’s two sides to every coin, and that’s what Black Adam is to Shazam. Sharing a lot of the same abilities as Shazam, Black Adam is also way more ruthless and does whatever he thinks is right.

Notable Feats:

  • Dislocates Captain Marvel’s shoulder and then breaks his arm.
  • Breaks Kyle Rayner’s constructs.
  • Trades blows with Orion.
  • Overpowers Atom Smasher.
  • Thunder clap that shatters glass from several buildings and stuns Jay Garrick.
  • Punches holes in Spectre’s physical body.
  • Knocks back Superman and brawls with him while trying to convince him to stop fighting.
  • Shatters a force field designed to withstand an asteroid strike of the kind that killed the dinosaurs.
  • Casually tosses an aircraft carrier.
  • While depowered, kills a yeti.
  • One shots Power Girl with a thunder clap while simultaneously extinguishing her heat vision.
  • Beats the crap out of Death who was amped by the death of millions of people and proceeds to torture him seemingly for hours before killing him.
  • Can’t be restrained by Captain Marvel.
  • Rips off Amazo’s head.

5. Bane

bane back break.jpg

The most human of these villains, Bane gets his enormous strength from a drug called Venom. With this drug running through his veins, he’s nearly unstoppable. He was even able to put Batman out of commission for a while, and not many bad guys can make that claim.

Notable feats:

  • Turns doors to dust.
  • Casually rips off a man’s arm though an Exosuit and beats him with it.
  • Crushes a man’s wrist.
  • Rips off a man’s arm.
  • Lifts Catman with ease.
  • Cracks Exo suit face plate with one blow.
  • Snaps a Griffin’s neck.
  • Obliterates a man’s face with one strike.
  • Tears through a metal collar designed to kill him if he tried to remove it.
  • KOs one of his goons and sends him flying.
  • Ragdolls a man so hard he bends a metal door.
  • Rips through a prison wall.
  • Rips Through and Iron Gate.
  • Catches a Bat and tosses a full grown man with one hand.
  • Sends a Thug flying with one blow.
  • Sends several Venom Thugs flying then teams up with Batman.
  • Tosses a man one handed and no sells a baseball bat to the back of the head.
  • KOs Manbat.
  • KOs Matches Malone IE Batman in disguise.
  • Tosses a man across a bar.
  • Kills a Cop one handed then punches through steel.
  • Snaps through a lock with one hand.
  • Kills a man in one kick, tosses another.
  • Destroys a man’s face in one blow.
  • Kills a man in one bite.
  • No sells a bullet wound then rips open a man’s arm.
  • Breaks a Batman’s back over his knee.
  • Back hands Robotman and sends him flying.

4. General Zod


Another Kryptonian who shares the same abilities as Superman. Zod’s strength almost matches up to Superman’s. I would hate to see how strong he would be you if he came to Earth as a young child and had a lifetime to learn his powers like Superman did.

Notable feats:

  • Learns English in seconds.
  • Survives a year in the Kryptonian wilderness as a kid.
  • Can fight off an army of monsters while depowered.
  • No sells Hawkman’s mace.
  • Takes an attack from vibe.
  • Takes Superman’s heat vision.
  • Grapple beats Superman.
  • Knocks out Martian Manhunter.

3. Thanos


The mad Tyrant has been wreaking havoc in the Marvel Universe for years. Even without his Infinity gauntlet, it still takes a whole team of Avengers to bring him down.

Notable feat:

  • Destroyed entire planets with his fist.

2. Domesday


His name tells you all you need to know about him. Nothing good ever happens wherever he shows up. He’s also one of the select few who has actually managed to kill Superman.

Notable feat:

  • Killed motherf#%king Superman!

1. Darkseid


There’s not many on this list of roided up supervillains who would want to tussle with Darkseid. There’s a reason why he’s considered one of Superman’s most fearsome bad guys. And you know he’s way too strong whenever the writers only use him for apocalyptic like scenarios.

Notable feats of strength:

  • An enraged Superman charges at Darkseid, and is easily hit away without much effort.
  • Over 900 years ago, smashes Raker Qarrigat’s ring in his hand as it was nothing.
  • A young Darkseid was brought to the future and had to do battle with the Legion, here DS’s punch rocks Superboy.
  • A pissed off Darkseid shows his strength lifting and tossing a huge piece of machinery like it was nothing.
  • Punches Superman into the Source Wall.
  • It’s a retelling of when Superman and Darkseid first meet, and well the power level is clearly vast as DS backslaps Superman and Clark even admits it would be mad to fight him.
  • Very quickly subdues Superman.

darkseid strength.jpg

Well, there you have it. This is just my opinion of the strongest villains. If you think I missed someone or someone doesn’t belong, let me know in the comments. Until next time, keep on reading.

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