When we’re young and a job is just a job, we develop minor friendships at work. But these work friends are more like acquaintances. People who we are forced to interact with but would probably never hang out with outside of the job.

When we get older, though, and our jobs grow into a much bigger part of our lives—a defining part of who we are—these work friendships become more serious. They go from people we bitch about the job with to people we actually care about.


We develop strong relationships with these people and real friendships blossom; if we quit our job we’d still be friends with them. And that’s how you know the friendship is real. It’s easy to be ‘friends’ with people when we are forced to see them everyday. But they aren’t true friends if you never talk to them once the job isn’t there anymore—holding you together like glue.

We’ve all ‘lost’ friends after quitting a crappy job. Even if we’d worked with them for years. Once the obligation of talking to them everyday is gone, so is the friendship. But that changes when we start a career. The people we work with become more than mere acquaintances. At some point, they become our best friends. And you know what? That’s okay. Here are eight reasons why our work friends really are our best friends.

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8. Similar People Choose Similar Jobs

Often times people with similar personalities or interest work similar jobs. These similarities between coworkers make becoming friends easy. For instance, if you get a job working for a magazine, it’s pretty likely a lot of the people you work with will be interested in reading and writing. This is why they gravitated towards that line of work.

These common interest make it easier to break the ice and fit in with the already established group. This leads to friendship with your coworkers—and that’s when the drunken after work shenanigans start. Which makes the work day more tolerable and can even make you want to go to work in the first place. Just don’t let after work happy hour interfere with your actual job.

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7. They Relate To Problems At Work

Imagine working at a sex shop. Now imagine it’s the third time in a month that one particular customer is trying to return a crusty used butt plug. The first time was disturbing enough, but now it’s just annoying. Luckily, you have your coworkers who’ve also experienced “Dirty Dan” and his sex toy exchange grossness. So the whole experience becomes a little more tolerable. Maybe even funny.

These daily work events can also carry into non-work life. It can be irritating to others, but who hasn’t run into a colleague out on the street and immediately started talking about work BS? It happens all the time, but it’s only natural. After all, Dirty Dan is one of the things that bind you and your work mates together.

dirty dan

6. They Become Interested In Your Life Outside Of Work

It’s start normally enough: you complain about your boyfriend to a work friend, she listens to your complaints, and eventually you’re both conspiring to catch him dipping his crooked pickle in someone else’s jar. Well, maybe that’s not normal. But the sentiment is the same.

After working with people long enough, you start to become invested in their real lives and vice versa. Your work friends will start to learn things about you that your non-work friends don’t. You’ll develop a special connection with this group of weirdos and eventually, they’ll become more of your best friends than your real best friends.

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5. They Can Be Professional But Also Act Goofy As Hell

One thing that separates work friends from normal friends is that you usually don’t see your regular friends in “professional” mode. You generally only see them acting like, well… them. But work friends are different. You see the professional side of them as well as the goofy side.

And the goofy side tends to peek through at unexpected times. Like making an accidental dick joke during a work meeting. Or fighting back laughter while trying to lecture the group on the proper way to use the staff restroom because someone keeps dropping mama’s hot fudge anywhere but inside the toilet bowl. These rare moments make your whole day.

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