4. You Spend A Crazy Amount Of Time Together

If you work with the same people long enough it’ll actually start to seem like you see them more than your own family. And to a degree, this is true. Even if you only work with these people for eight hours a day, 40 hours a week, you’re spending time with them for most of those periods. How long do you generally spend in close proximity with your family during waking hours?

It’s crazy to think, but your work friends do start to become your family in a way. You know as much about their lives as you do your own family. You’re probably more caught up on what’s going on with them than your own family. And it’s pretty likely you’re more interested in their lives than your own family. I mean, how many times can you really listen to your mom talk about her boring job, anyway?


3. They Value Your Time

Work friends tend to value your time more than regular friends. One main reason for this is because they need you. If you’re not at work they have more to do, have one less person to talk to, and miss working with their friend.

Regular friends don’t value your time as much because they don’t spend as much time with you to begin with. They don’t need you to be around in most cases. They aren’t relying on you for anything. Your just their friend who they have fun with or discuss serious matters with. If there isn’t fun to be had or anything serious to talk about, they’re fine when you aren’t around. But work friends need you. If anything, you keep them sane during a Dirty Dan encounter.

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2. You Share Good And Bad Experiences

Few things can bring people closer together than sharing an awful experience together. Especially one that can be laughed about later. Dirty crack whore stinks up your hair salon then refuses to pay for her haircut? That’s an awful experience and in the moment feels like the worst thing ever. But once it’s over, it’s kind of hilarious.

Luckily, you don’t have to experience the filthy scab covered crack whore alone. You have your work friends to suffer with you! And while it’s kind of twisted, this really does help connect people together; even those who wouldn’t normally be friends outside of work. Of course, you get to experience the good things together as well. And those probably have a lot less drug addicts involved.

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1. You Develop The Best Inside Jokes

All of those bad experiences shared together eventually take the form of great inside jokes. Nobody else understands when you say “dirt alert,” but your work friends will fall to the floor laughing when they see a pissed off Dan and his most recently used rectal spelunking device headed their way.

And this is why it’s so great to develop close friendships with people you work with: it makes the work day go by faster, the daily grind more tolerable, and can even make you enjoy waking up in the morning because you know you get to see your friends. Well, maybe not as much as a good cup of coffee. It is still work after all.

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