I like to start off by saying that originally, I was a huge Marvel fan. When I first got into comics, Marvel books were the majority of what I read—with Spider-Man probably being my favorite superhero. But the way they’ve been handling things the past few years has really dwindled what I get from them on a monthly basis.

I don’t want to blame the movies because I really enjoy most of them. In fact, I think they’re really good. But it seems like since the movies have started to take off, Marvel doesn’t pay much attention to the actual comics themselves anymore.

sad spider man.jpg

And whenever they try to do something with the comics, it’s very lackluster. The problem is just in the way they’ve been running the company—with having countless events one after another—a lot of times starting a new one before the previous event is even over. Another problem is how Marvel has replaced many of the original characters in the comics with newer characters nobody really cares about.

And the reason for that is, they don’t take the time needed to flesh out those new characters. Like the ones who replaced the roles of Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. They aren’t nearly as popular as the originals. This is because the readers haven’t established a connection with them, and the writing wasn’t done well enough to make the switch to those characters make much sense. But Marvel seems to be sticking to their guns for the time being and keeping these new characters.

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Now, this isn’t saying they’re never going back to the roots of the characters and bringing back what you love about Marvel. And hopefully that’s the plan with the Generations Event. But I can tell you this: with everything I’ve seen so far, I’m not jumping in and getting things I normally wouldn’t. Because other than adding some of the original numbering to the titles, it just seems like more of the same stuff coming out.

And what really has me worried is that I haven’t heard anything about what this Generations Event is even supposed to be about. And I don’t think that much is going to really change because they’re scared to do a company-wide reboot like DC did—even though it’s been highly successful.

DC_Rebirth.pngThey just don’t want to do it because DC did it first—even though I think it would do Marvel some good to reboot at least a few things. Because it’s like the whole lineup of books have very little direction in where they’re going. They need to get readers back in and reading monthly titles.

So hopefully all of this Generations business does work and brings Marvel back to what it once was. I’m just more than a little hesitant on how this will all play out in the end. It will either be more of the same old same old, or they’ll finally get back to some really good storytelling and great characters. For Marvel’s sake, I hope it’s the latter.

marvel generations even

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  1. Jane as Thor actually sells better than Bro-Thor did prior to Jane taking over. For all the wailing and tooth-gnashing of Certain Readers, Jane’s time as Thor has actually been very popular, one of Marvel’s top-selling titles, and a very well-received story. Sam-Cap hasn’t sold as well as Steve-Cap did, prior to that swap, but Cap’s sales haven’t been particularly spectacular for a while anyway, and Sam’s sold well enough. And Riri’s selling pretty well as the lead of Invincible Iron Man (though not as well as Doom in Infamous Iron Man).

    As far as a reboot goes, Marvel’s never going to do that. It’s just not what they do. It’s not what the bulk of their audience wants, either, because reboots don’t actually simplify things. All a reboot does is leave readers wondering what stories still “count.” Unless they do a reboot back to Day 1, of course, in which case, hey! A whole lot of fan-favourite characters can’t really be carried over! It would probably a better idea for Marvel to launch a new imprint in a new universe, with a set lifespan of 5-10 years, with most of the major beats planned out. A new Ultimate Universe, but not as cynical and miserable and focused on being “shocking.”


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