In this modern world you’re more likely to have a video of you drowning go viral than someone jumping in to save you. The sad reality of the information age is how we can learn about atrocities across the world and connect easier now than ever before, yet most people ignore the plights of others.

But what’s just as bad are the people who pretend to help via slacktivism. These are the folks who change their profile pictures to show support of something but don’t do anything in real life to help. These are the people who would rather sign a petition online and tell everyone than actually take to the streets to actually protest for change.

Writer Ashleigh Hatter puts a spotlight on this type of behavior in his poignant piece, Convoy. By pointing out the hypocritical nature of people pretending to care, yet only doing so for the attention, Ashleigh shows us why online activism is not enough to help anything. You must get off the couch if you really want to incite change in the world.

Caleb James
DPW Editor-In-Chief


Interview With Ashleigh Hatter


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