If you go through the history of comic books, you’ll find all sorts of crazy stories featuring the most popular superheroes. But what you might not find as readily available are the really weird comics that have been published throughout the years. So today I thought it would be fun to take a look back on some of the craziest and weirdest books Marvel Comics has put out over the years. Enjoy.

10. Billy Ray Cyrus Comic

billy ray comic art.jpg

This was an entry in the Marvel music line. In this issue, Billy Ray Cyrus (the Achy Breaky Heart crooner and father of Miley Cyrus) travels back in time to Camelot and then the old west to battle ghost.

billy ray comic.jpg

I don’t know who thought this was a good idea, but it’s probably the same person who came up with a couple of the other comics on this list. To be fair, at least this was a very original idea for a book. Too bad it was so awful.

9. Illuminator


This is a superhero who has the power of God. As a matter of fact, he quite literally got his powers from God. That’s it. That’s the origin. Even worse, his costume was basically a jumpsuit with a motorcycle helmet. Not very creative Marvel.

8. Avengers Meeting David Letterman


Wonder Man is considered by many to be a lame superhero and an even worse actor in the comics. But somehow in this story he gets booked on Late Night with David Letterman. So what does Wonder Man do with this amazing opportunity? He decides to bring all of his Avengers pals to the taping.


I don’t know about you, but this seems pretty dumb. I mean, if superheroes were real I’m sure they would be famous and might even do the talk show circuit. But there’s no reason to throw this into a comic book. It’s not like they could expect anyone to actually read it.

7. Eminem VS Punisher


This was a one-shot in XXL Magazine—having the rapper and murderous superhero team up to take out one of the Punisher’s villains who goes by the name of Barracuda. I don’t really see why the Punisher would need Eminem’s help for this task, especially since earlier in the story Punisher killed Eminem’s bodyguards due to a misunderstanding.

eminem and punisher.jpg

If Eminem was able to help with this, why does he need bodyguards in the first place? And did this really need to be a two issue arc? To me it just seems like a cheap way to capitalize on Eminem’s popularity at the time.

6. Onyx: Fight!

onyx fight.jpg

This is another entry into the comic music line Marvel tried doing. This brings you the group that gave us the popular song, Slam in 1993. In this story the group is turned into mercenaries who battle evil bootleggers in the post-apocalyptic future. Because of course they did. At least it’s nice to know that even in the apocalypse you’re able to get cheap versions of whatever you want to watch or listen to.

By the way, not all music group themed comics are awful. The Wu-Tang Clan has done some fun comic series. One of the most recent and best is the 2013 series 12 Reasons to Die put out by Black Mask Comics. This is a Ghostface Killah comic and it’s pretty damn awesome.

12 reasons to die cover.jpg

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