5. NFL Superpro

nfl superpro.jpg

A chronic headache having failed football player becomes a superhero after inhaling chemicals from a fire which destroyed a bunch of football memorabilia. Yeah, that somehow gives you superpowers. Hopefully O.J. Simpson never lights any of his old jerseys on fire.

nfl superpro 2.jpg

The only thing weirder than the plot is that this book somehow made it to 12 issues. Even stranger, the writer admitted he only took the job so he could get free tickets to the Jets’ games. Seriously, the Jets?

4. The Life Of Pope John Paul II


This issue covered the life of PJP II. I don’t know why Marvel thought their readers would be interested in this. I mean, it’d be one thing if you had him going up against Doctor Doom or something like that. Hell, I’d give that a read… I mean heck. Sorry God.

pope comic.jpg

My only way to rationalize this is that some Marvel big shot thought they could pander to the religious crowd with an educational bio comic. But I don’t know anyone who’d want to read this. It just seems so boring.

3. Guiding Light

guiding light comic.jpgThis was a crossover with the popular soap opera, Guiding Light. It would be one thing to have your characters cross over with a soap opera, but how about one that hasn’t been popular for like 30 years. And then you bring the likes of Wolverine and Spider-Man into the mix. Just, why?


Okay, a quick google search shows that Guiding Light ended in 2009. So perhaps there was still a fan base in 2006. But I highly doubt the 90-year-old women still watching that show read comics. Nothing about them creating this makes much sense.

2. Night Cat

night cat comic.jpg

Marvel must have some kind of weird thing with music, because this is another music themed comic. They even got actress/model Jacqueline Tavarez to model for it. And they also put out a pop album for this as well. I wonder if Marvel made some nefarious deal with some seedy record producers back in the day.

night cat.jpg

There’s some kind of plot about a pop star getting superpowers or some such nonsense. It’s not a good book and really shouldn’t have been made. Just another thing people collect for the sake of having it. Speaking of having something just for the sake of it. How about the…

1. Marvel Swimsuit Special


This is pretty much what it sounds like. Marvel took some of their most popular characters and put them in swimsuits. This was a marketing stunt to try to get the reader numbers up. And just in case you were wondering, it wasn’t just female heroes they had in skimpy swimsuits; the male heroes were walking around in mankinis as well.

Like that’s what people want to see; Wolverine’s hairy package peeking out from his uncomfortable looking shorts. It would look like he was smuggling a raccoon. I don’t know who thought this was a good idea, but I could only imagine the hell they’d face if they tried this kind of stunt these days.

marvel swim.jpg

I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to weird comics that have been published throughout the years. If there are any other weird Marvel books you think should get mentioned, I wouldn’t mind doing a follow-up list if you’re able to find some bizarre stuff. Just let me know in the comments.

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