One thing people get wrong about introverts is that they think we are always shy, awkward, or hate social situations. And while these things can be true, the reality is a bit different. For one, most introverts are fun outgoing people just like extroverts. The only difference is, we have to warm up to you first and prefer smaller, more intimate groups of people we know.

For true introverts, it’s not like social situations (such as parties) necessarily scare us. We just get easily exhausted from them. Unlike extroverts who thrive in crowds, we prefer to sit back and observe. We’re chill people. We hate pointless small talk and pretending to listen or care about what a stranger is saying while the music is drowning out their voice.

loud music.jpg

Introverts enjoy peaceful alone time. Our thoughts keep us plenty entertained so we don’t need constant outside stimuli. We pretty much invented Netflix and chill before it became something horny frugal people did. The idea of having to talk to people for entertainment sounds crazy to us.

Even family gatherings can seem like a chore to introverts. It’s not that we don’t care about people or aren’t interested in their lives. It’s just the constant talking and socializing and being forced to stay in one place when we’d rather be doing something better with our time kills us.

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And that’s the problem right there; we’re easily bored by other people. We’d rather keep to ourselves and just do our own thing. Which is fine… most of the time. But if you have friends who are extroverts, you know you can’t always stay home. They’ll hound you to come out until you finally do. Then they’ll worry the whole night about you not having a good time. Which is extremely fucking annoying.

Introverts might look bored and miserable sitting off to the side somewhere while everyone else interacts, but chances are they’re quite entertained by what they are seeing unfold before them. Not everyone needs to be the life of the party. Some of us enjoy being the wallflower. Even if it seems weird.


But here’s something all of us introverts need to understand: we need to get out sometimes. It’s very important for us to socialize, make friends, enjoy the company of current friends, and go to big events with lots of people. It might seem overwhelming at times, but it’s necessary. Staying home every day and night isn’t healthy.

It’s easy to get lost in your own little world and ignore everything else. But if you want to truly experience life, human connections are a big part of it. That doesn’t mean you need to go full on 80s movie geek transformation. It just means saying yes to a night out with your friends every once in a while isn’t going to kill you.

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A lot of the times we find our comfort zones early in life and stay there like it’s our mother’s womb. The thing is, you can’t stay there forever if you want to live. You have to enter the big bad world some day. And while it can be intimidating the first few times you go out there, it does get easier over time.

I know this wasn’t really an article, but I felt it’s an important message. You can’t sit at home and expect life to come to you. You must go out and experience it for yourself. Even if that means occasionally dealing with some shitty small talk and uncomfortable silences.

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