The fallen angel,
Left in the dust to wipe herself clean.
Waltzed slowly toward fate.
Down the long narrow corridor,
Where so many have fallen before.
The angel swept by all the dead,
Murdered in a sea of dread.
Hoping to find the doors
That will lead her to salvation.
While He watched her dance,
With evil anticipation.

He knew the way out,
But He didn’t want to share,
The information that He gathered
Through all the hate filled years.
She didn’t notice him watching,
But kept on walking toward her dreams.
The doors were in her sight,
Her fate was in her reach.
But from the shadows He came,
And startled the angel so,
She lost all her direction,
And lost her way to go.
He laughed at her misfortune,
And watched her cry in pain,
He contemplated killing her,
But that would end the game.
So He shrank back to the shadows,
Taking a memento as He withdrew.
He took with Him, her broken heart
The solitary spirit that she knew.

fallen angel 2.jpg

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