A visit from an old friend,
Scrap of paper,
College pen.
The ink still runs,
The well’s not dry,
The quill’s still sharp,
Like my mind’s eye.
Do you mind my mindfulness?
Bordering on unconsciousness,
From what the eyes did see:
‘Tis a secret known to me.
I could share it with you,
But the secret would then die,
Loose lips have sunken ships,
From secrets such belied.
Like opening Pandora’s box,
As the gods looked on and cried.
Why would one do such a thing?
Carrying on so endlessly,
Babble, babble, babble,
Ramble, ramble, ramble…
If you amble on this journey,
In the secret you’ll partake.
Except I cannot share it,
Sorry. My mistake.
I’m not infallible, you know,
I know not, care not,
Where my pen goes.
I just sit back and watch it,
I let it do its thing,
Spilling words so jovial,
Cutting words that sting.
Yet, the truth, always the truth,
Except for when it’s not.

Ain’t that the truth?

Truth, lies, and fallacies,
Writing’s what is meant for me.
Doing, moving,
Always proving,
Always grooving to shuffled shooing.
Again, I know not what I say,
My pen is strong,
It leads the way.
I wish I could say I used some thought,
In these rhymes that I have wrought.
But nope. I rarely edit.
Nope. I rarely read
Any of these words,
Which often plant a seed
Of thought in you,
A thought of me…
A writer’s who I’m meant to be.
Fear not my babbles,
Fear not my rambles,
Fear not reading while my pen ambles.
For, if my words spark a single flame,
For you to fan inside your brain,
Then I’ve done my job.
And don’t you know it?
I went to the interview
And did not blow it.
Lucky, lucky, (unlucky?) you,
My ink infects,
Much like the flu.
So apologies I give you,
A thousand mea culpas,
You’ve hung on for this long,
Your dedication’s ultra.
My pen is now tired.
My brain is now weary.
If you could take it back,
Even in theory,
Would you have started on this voyage?
Or would you have left me,
Alone at the ferry?


writing 2.jpg

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