Her lips—soft and full—touched mine just lightly enough to cause my skin to tingle. The scent of cherry blossoms filled the air as the warm wind washed over us. She pressed her head against my chest—a wisp of her midnight embers tickled my cheek. Passion’s fire flickered in her eyes as she stared into mine.

“Can it always be this way?”

I watched as she spoke, but her voice sounded far away—drifting off in the distance. I held her tight, but there was no weight to her body.

“You will leave me, won’t you?”

I wanted desperately to comfort her, to tell her I would always be with her. But she was fading away. I could feel her slipping from existence—her body as light as her flowing autumn hair. We didn’t have much time.

“I’ll always love you. Nothing can change that,” she whispered.

She sank into the nook of my arm. Her frail frame went limp against my body. And as I watched the pureness in her hazel eyes go out like a candle extinguished, I knew it was over. It could never last. This moment—it would always yet never be real. My angel, my life, she would never be mine, except in this world—a world of my making and of endless possibilities. But this world could never last.

I placed a gentle kiss upon her lips, then her body turned to dust. Blowing through my arms, she was carried off in the wind—to be one with my dreams forever. The scent of cherry blossoms filled the air as the warm wind washed over me…


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