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There are a lot of great writers out there that let their potential go to waste because of some little things: things like laziness, being uninspired, unmotivated, underappreciated, and being too discouraged by the events in life that happened to him or her. One can even ask the question, “who can do my homework?” at times he’s really disengaged. 

I cannot say if some writers become like that because of the lack of love towards their craft. I am pretty sure at some point they had loved the idea of being one of the great creators and artists of their generation. They once loved the idea of what they could do—the art and everything around it.

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I have been there, believe me. I also have lost the fire to keep doing what I believe I’m so good at, which is my writing. Good thing I met a person who led me back and made me realize I’m a writer in heart and mind.

If you’ve lost some passion for your writing, just know there are some things you could do if you want to maintain your writing skills and still do your day job. If you are curious, here are the little things you should practice to keep your love for writing afire:


Practice Growth

One of the reasons a writer gets exhausted is because of the lack of effort to learn. We can only do so many topics. We can only write about a handful of ideas. But how many are too many?   

In order to prevent being burnt out, always try to keep educating yourself. Just like life itself, writing is a constant learning experience. The more you learn, the more you can share.

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Practice Love For Your Craft


Do not forget why you are here and why you are writing in the first place. Do not forget the way it makes you feel each time you finish something and how you cannot wait for your friends to read it.

Do not forget that you started writing because you love the process you have to go through just to create a story. Self-expression and knowledge are at stake. And you love every moment of it.  

Remind yourself of the love you have for your craft and practice the reasons why you started in the first place.

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Practice Consistency

If you refrain yourself from writing each time you get an idea, you are refraining from mastering your gift. Each time you stop yourself from creating a new masterpiece, you are confining your self-expression. Until sometimes becomes more often and often becomes permanent.

Practice makes perfect and you will not grow better if you stop at one point without utterly using your full potential. So I will advise that you practice consistency. It does not have to be long stories. Even a short prose will do. Just be consistent.   

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Practice Pride

Take pride in what you do. Take pride in the originality of your ideas. Do not ever get tempted to copy and steal other’s work.

One of the things that makes a writer’s career go down is the idea that they could get away with plagiarism. Even if you will not get caught, you know for yourself that you have not been honest with your art.

Plagiarism is the idea of stealing and you are not getting better from using other people’s work. You are just teaching yourself to commit wrong.


Practice Creativity

A true writer is hungry for new things to write about.  He is hungry for new ideas to talk about. And he is hungry for ways to express himself and show his genius creativity.

Being creative is our pride. We feel happy each time we made something new.

So if you always want to be sharp, practice creativity. Always try something new. If you can, get some ideas from other writers and people and formulate your very own creation by using those ideas. Be bold and be spontaneous.

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If you have more to add to this article or you want to share some thoughts, please feel free to  leave your thoughts in the comment section.  

Author Bio

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Stephen K. Millen has been a writer since ever since he could remember. He is now working as a Junior Manager for a marketing company. He travels a lot on his weekends, mostly on his bike. He writes for His favourite niche includes business management, development communication and online marketing.

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