My rhymes are always scheming,
Which makes patterns hard to follow.
And dreams, while often fleeting,
Make reality hard to swallow.
Take a sip and wash it down,
An enormous aspirin or pint sized clown.
A stein of beer or shot of fear,
Will all clench in throat,
While rowing in drunken circles,
Around an endless moat.
Endless for eternity,
Or simply never-ending,
Until someone drains the waters,
In which you’re often treading.
Yet if the water can be drained,
Then endless it cannot be,
Unless you count the droplets left,
As proof no end shall be.
How much proof or provenance,
Will it take for satisfaction?
Gulping down 100 proof,
Will surely bring bad actions.
More than an infraction,
Will end up handed down,
After calculating your transactions,
Which left you dry to drown
In your mistakes and heartbreaks,
Miscalculations, too.
You should have brought an abacus,
On this crawl with you.
But of this, you did not think,
Since thinking knots your game,
It’s the writer who has tied your rope,
That leads you far astray.
Snubbed out in an ashtray,
Crumpled in the trash,
Words scribbled carelessly,
I’s all dotted, T’s all brash.
How about a cuppa, then?
Some tea to warm your soul,
I heard you prefer coffee,
In this, you’re not alone.
The writer, then, sometimes agrees
With the clueless hero,
A golden crown upon his head,
Inside? Chocolate. Worthless. Zero
Dollars, missing bucks,
The naive hero gives no fu—
Well…sometimes the careless writer,
Chooses to be purposeful,
Even if every line
Is not all together merciful.
My rhymes are always scheming,
Were the patterns hard to follow?
They’re only an illusion,
Like a holographic hollow,
That’s in a tree or on a tree,
Depending on what you think I mean,
Or if you’re stuck upon my train.
Next stop: Isle of insane.

straight jacket.png

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