It begins at the dawn of the human race, and ends with a child’s prayer! In between, empires fall, mysteries brew, secrets are revealed, quests are undertaken and legends are forged! All leading up to the dramatic return you’ve been waiting for — and one you’ve been dreading! Jason Aaron (MIGHTY THOR) and Esad Ribic (SECRET WARS) usher in a new dawn — one whose rays will touch every corner of the Marvel Universe in the days to come! MARVEL LEGACY: It’s everything you’ve been longing for — and more!

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This is supposed to be the next big thing for Marvel—taking the company back to its roots. And in this first issue, there are definitely some good things. Unfortunately, there are also some not so good things—in my opinion at least. Which I want to make clear: this is just my views on this issue. Some may like it more or less than I do. So, with that out of the way, Let’s dive into this.

Beware! Possible Spoilers Ahead.

We open up to the story taking place a million years ago, with a group of heroes of that time period who resemble The Avengers. This seems to be the big catalyst of the story and what’s going to be the main focus. This part I could take or leave—I’m just a little worn out on Avengers at the moment, but I do enjoy seeing the Ghost Rider riding a woolly mammoth. That was pretty awesome. I just wish they would’ve actually shown it in the book.


After that we jump to the present day where we find Robbie Reyes, the newest Ghost Rider, being woken up inside of his car by a police officer. So, of course, what does he do? He gets into a high-speed chase, then out of nowhere finds himself in a fight with Starbrand.

I’m not too familiar with this character, but I know he first showed up in the Avengers when Jonathan Hickman took over the title—but I dropped the book shortly after that. There were some cool fight scenes between the two in this, but it seemed like this was just a way to tie in what the Avengers from a million years ago were fighting.

marvel legacy panel.png

From there we find Loki leading a group of Frost Giants to a shield bunker to steal something. And of course, Loki doesn’t go with them—he just convinces them with “rewards” after the job is done. Guess what? It doesn’t go as planned (surprise!)

The frost Giants end up having a run-in with Iron Heart, Sam Wilson, Captain America, and the female Thor—which I think most likely, for two of these three characters, won’t be in these roles for too much longer. It’s safe to say that the Frost Giants catch a major whooping, but one of them makes it out of there with what they were looking for.

frost giants.jpg

At this point, we get a couple one page little side stories that show what Thor is doing (drinking at a bar, if you were wondering). We also see Deadpool in a gas station restroom getting shot up by police, Doctor strange and Iron Fist are hanging out. and the Thing and Human Torch deciding to try to get the band back together. And then there’s a radio transmission for the Hulk to come back home which is used to set up the next planet Hulk story-line.

We’re getting close to the end of this comic, which has my two favorite parts of the story so far. First we get to see Wolverine is now back from the dead and takes out the frost giant, who made him escape earlier. We also find out what the Frost Giant has; an infinity stone that Wolverine is now in possession of. We don’t know how he’s come back yet, the only info we get is that the adamantium that cases his body was torn open through the middle. So, not helpful.


The book ends with Franklin and Valeria Richards out in space, with Franklin telling his sister they need to go to another universe that their dad wants to explore. This leaves open the possibility we might actually get the Fantastic Four back together—sometime soon hopefully.

So. all in all, it was an okay issue. You definitely get your bang for your buck with the size of this comic. But a lot of the bigger scale things, I’m just not really that interested in right now. With Marvel, they’ve kind of worn me out in that regard.

Image result for tired of marvel

There are two main things I’m most interested in, though. The first is the return of Wolverine. It should be interesting to see how things play out moving forward, especially with Old Man Logan still around—which I’m slowly losing interest in.

The real tricky thing is, what are they going to do with X-23, now? Is she going to continue to be Wolverine as well? I haven’t had a chance to read that title—I’ve wanted to, but I can only afford so many books a month. From what I’ve heard, it’s been a pretty decent title.


The second thing I’m looking forward to is the hopeful resurrection of the Fantastic Four, who have not had a presence in the main Marvel Universe for a while now. We’ve had the Thing with the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Human Torch with the Inhumans, but it’s nowhere near the same as having the whole group together.

It would be real nice if we can get Marvel’s first family back together again. And if that is the case, Marvel might actually be true to their word this time, with the whole getting back to basics mantra—which they always promised to do.


While I won’t give this first issue of Legacy a review, I will say it’s okay. Hopefully it guides Marvel in the right direction and helps them get interest in their comics back up. Lord knows it never hurts to have more people reading the books. Anyway, I’ll update you folks on how things are going as Legacy progresses. As always, keep reading, writing, and spreading the love for comic books with the world.


  1. It wasn’t a bad comic, but not what I was expecting. It’s the classic Marvel Previews with a bit of plot.

    All-New Wolverine is on the Top 5 list of my current favourite Marvel Comics. It gets better and better with every issue, so I hope the return of Logan doesn’t endanger that comic.

    Sin this comic, the mention and winks to the FF are getting more frequent; so I wouldn’t be suprised if next summer we have a new series with the team 😀


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