When me and my friends first started doing this, it was just for shits and giggles. Going into old rundown houses that were supposedly haunted—you know, just for something to do on Friday nights. We would bring a couple of six-packs with us, maybe a joint or two for the hell of it. It was good times with good friends—until the first time we had a… sighting.

We’d been going to the old Greenbrand house near Elm Grove Park for a couple weeks without problem, but recently we’ve been hearing strange noises throughout the dilapidated building. At first we thought it was nothing—just an old house making old house sounds. But then a couple of us started seeing things out of the corners of our eyes, and it started to become clear we were not in the house alone.

Now, at that point you would think we would stop going, but we had the bright idea of all throwing in and getting some equipment—the kind of stuff you see on those ghost hunting shows. See, the plan was to capture something on video, then upload it so we could become internet-famous for proving the existence of real supernatural beings. But how often do crazy things like this ever go according to plan? It didn’t help that we we’re pretty baked when we concocted this stupid idea.

Anyway, everything was all set up: we had cameras, recorders, and anything else we thought might help. The irony is not lost on me that out of all the expensive equipment, we couldn’t catch a thing. But I was able to capture a short video on my phone—the same phone I’m recording this message on. At this point, though, the money we spent is the least of my concerns.

There were five of us total when we started this little venture. Now, it’s just me and my phone—which has less than 10% of battery left. I’m not quite sure what exactly happened to the rest of my friends. We’d all walk around in a group and someone would just vanish. Then the rest of us would hear bloodcurdling screams from the other room. By the time we rushed in, the only thing left behind was a sickening splatter of blood on the floor and walls.

It continued like this until I was the last one left. I’ve tried to escape, but it doesn’t matter. The doors are locked from the outside and the windows are barred and nailed shut. It’s like the house is trying to keep me locked inside. I’m hiding in the attic now, but I can’t shake the feeling that whatever is in this house is closing around me. I’m hoping that if I’m able to survive the night somehow, I might be able to escape in the morning. But even if that’s true, I still have more than 3 hours before sunrise.

If I don’t make it out, which seems more than likely at this point, my plan is that someone will hopefully find my phone with this recording on it. It can be a warning for the next person so they don’t make the same mistakes we did. Maybe the city will even tear this horrible place to the ground. So, if someone is watching this, that means you need to get out of here in a hurry before it’s too late. Before whatever is in the house gets you t—

dead phone.jpg

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