I had a nurse pick me up this voice recorder in case something happens to me. I don’t know what’s going on anymore, so I’ll just start from the beginning.

It came from the sky. I didn’t know what it was—a meteor, perhaps. It crashed into the field behind my house with a thunderous boom. Dirt and rocks flew through the air, raining down upon my roof with a great fury. It sounded like the world was ending.

I rushed out back to see what happened. I thought maybe a small airplane had crashed. But as I pushed my way through the stiff corn stalks, I realized the truth was much stranger. It wasn’t an airplane. Staring at the gaping hole in the field—nearly 50 yards wide—I couldn’t even see the bottom. Only a slight orange glow flickering in the dark. It was like taking a peek into the entrance to hell.

I remember stepping over to the rim of the hole. The dirt beneath my feet was charred and hardened like concrete from the heat of impact. A hot blast of air accompanied each pulse of the orange glow below. Whatever was in that hole was releasing massive amounts of energy—unnatural energy.

The sickness set in almost immediately. I got extremely light-headed and felt nauseous. My vision became very blurry and I lost all sense of where I was or what was happening. That’s when I smelled it; the smell of burning flesh. I remember stumbling backwards and falling to the ground away from the pit. There was a pop from my arm and warm liquid splattered across my face. Through blurred spinning vision I saw bubbles forming on my arms—popping with blood. The last thing I saw was a fiery red figure emerge from the pit. A gigantic body loomed over me—staring at me with its black, soulless eyes. It took one step closer to me—the ground beneath its enormous feet exploded in flames—then everything faded to black.

I woke up two months later in the hospital—no idea how I got there. My left arm had been amputated at the elbow, the right was heavily bandaged but mostly intact—except for a couple of missing fingers. My legs suffered severe burns but the doctors were able to save them. I guess I’m lucky to be alive. My house, property, and cattle didn’t fare so well. Everything was burnt to ash, along with nearly 200 hundred acres of forest and nearby farm land.

My closest neighbor, a middle-aged widow named Gladys, told me she was forced to evacuate that very night by a team of men in black suits. She said they all looked and talked the same—real monotone and direct. They all had this strange, smooth complexion; no hair at all.

She only visited me the one time. I come to find out later on that Gladys mysteriously disappeared a few days after seeing me. Her house was immediately torn down and nobody heard from her or her family since.

It’s been four months since all of this happened and I’m ready to start rehab. I don’t have a wife or kids, but my brother Jack had been visiting me through this whole ordeal. He randomly stopped showing up last week, though. His phone is no longer in service. I can’t reach his wife. It’s like he vanished off the face of the planet. What the hell is going? I’m scared out of my mind. I’m not sure what the thing that fell from the sky was, but I think it might’ve been a—

Sorry, someone just knocked on the door. Maybe it’s Jack coming to—

real men in black.jpg

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