With the newest Thor movie about to hit theaters, I thought we should take a very brief look back at the character and the Thor Ragnarok story to see how it all might compare to the comic version. But before we jump into all that, I’ll give you a quick summary of the Marvel superhero Thor for those who might not be familiar with the character.

Thor is the prince of Asgard. His father is Odin; the king of the nine realms. His half-brother Loki, the trickster God, is normally the cause of a lot of trouble for Thor. Eventually, Thor gets banished to Earth, then falls in love with Jane Foster which leads to him spending more time on Earth and becoming one of the founding members of The Avengers.


Now, when it comes to the Thor Ragnarok story, it appears there will be quite a bit of difference between the comics and the movie—as tends to happen in these situations. The main difference being that during the storyline of the comics, Tony Stark makes an evil clone of Thor using a strand of his hair which Tony has gathered from the first time they met (kind of creepy, right?). And anybody who is familiar with the Civil War storyline in the comics knows that this evil Thor clone killed Goliath during a battle between the divided superheroes.

thor clone.jpg

What the movie will have in common with this comic origin, though, is that we’ll find out what Thor has been up to during the events of the superhero Civil War. In the comics we find out there are these cosmic beings who throughout time have destroyed and then rebirthed Asgard throughout countless millennia.

I don’t think they are necessarily going this route for the movie, but it looks as if Hela does lay waste to Asgard. There is one theory I’ve heard which I think is interesting. In the comics Thanos is in love with death, that’s why he goes on these murdering sprees. These murders are an offering to her, but people are thinking in the movies it’s going to be Hela who he’s crushing on—which sounds pretty interesting and way less weird.


ain-t-love-grand-credit-marvel-comics.jpgThe other interesting part of this movie is that in a way, they’re almost making a Hulk movie without actually giving him a solo film—since they don’t own the movie rights for the character and all. I think with having him thrown into the mix it should make some awesome scenes between the two. Especially how they have set up the way the two characters play off each other. It’s always nice to see Gladiator Hulk via the planet Hulk storyline from the comics, too.

I guess we’ll just have to wait a few more days to see what’s actually going to happen in this movie and how much they pull from the comic history, though. Regardless, even if it’s only as half as entertaining as the trailers for it look, it should be a good movie. And in the end, isn’t that what really matters?

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