“Another great showing by Hotshot!”

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This issue opens up with Hotshot meeting a strange new character who appears to have some kind of connection to him. This mysterious character is pushing Michael past his limits to become even stronger than what he already is. In this issue we also get to see a day in the life of Michael—going to school, work, and hanging out with his friends for a little bit. Vigilance also makes an appearance briefly for a training session with Hotshot. They even get to hash out some problems they had with each other from a couple of issues back.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the art just keeps getting better and better as this series progresses. That’s saying something considering Mr. Watson is handling both the writing and art duties for this issue. The book has a real professional feel to it like a whole team had put it together. There are a couple of action scenes in this, but as I stated before this issue deals a lot with the main character’s day-to-day life. But even the ordinary things are done very well. I’m not sure if having Michael Watson doing both the art and writing moving forward is the plan, but if he does I think it’d be a real treat for the readers.

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The only bad thing about this series is with it being totally independent, you might have to wait a little while in between issues. But that wait is so worth it; each issue has been better than the last and all those issues are really well done in their own right.

With the teaser at the end of this issue, I can’t wait to see where the story goes. And if that wasn’t enough, it appears we are going to see the events from zero which will hopefully delve a little bit more into Hotshot’s origin.

I’m giving Hot Shots #9…

4 out of 5 whiskey shots

4 Out Of 5 Whiskey Shots

hotshot 9 cover.jpg

Written by: Michael Watson
Art by: Michel Watson

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