Last week we had a bit of a surprise announcement from Marvel telling us one of their top writers, Brian Michael Bendis, will be ending his 17 year stint with the company. Even more shocking is that he’s leaving Marvel and making his way over to DC Comics.

A lot as people were surprised when they heard this news, but apparently this has been in the making for a little while now. Apparently he was blamed for a lot of the diversity stuff in the comics not working out and he was pulled off of the movie side of things a couple of years ago as well. Both parties decided it was just a time for change and are parting ways. Again, many were shocked, but a lot of fans saw this coming some time ago. Even so, it still feels like an end of an era.


With this news breaking, I figured a brief history of the man’s work for Marvel over the past near two decades was in order. A bit of a heads up, as of now he’s written a great deal of the company’s line of comics, so I’ll just go over the basics. Let’s start with one of the first things he worked on with Marvel: Ultimate Spider-Man.

Ultimate Spider-Man reset Peter Parker’s origin story in modern-day. Bendis had a historical run on this series with long time collaborator Mark Bagley. He even wrote the series long enough that Peter Parker ended up dying and a new character named Miles Morales took over as being Spider-Man. And if that wasn’t enough, Bendis launched the Ultimate Fantastic Four and had a stint with X-Men, along with most of the event series’ which took place in that universe.

bendis xmen.jpg

The next biggest thing on Brian’s resume would be his long run on Avengers. It started with him disbanding the team and bringing it back together with a new roster of characters who you normally wouldn’t think of as Avengers. The new Avengers title spun off to just a regular Avengers series, then The Mighty Avengers, then other Avengers down the line depending on the story going on in the Marvel Universe at the time.

A lot of his work that’s considered fan-favorites are the street-level characters he has written for. The most notable being Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and basically a lot of the Netflix characters he has worked on. Even Spider-Man is considered street level.


He’s also the mind behind a good portion of the events that have happened in the Marvel Universe. Stuff like House of M, Secret Invasion, Siege, Age of Ultron, and the recent but not well received Civil War II. Whether you like that series or not, you can’t deny how his work on it shaped the current Marvel Universe.

Even with things going south between Bendis and Marvel, he still had many projects before leaving Marvel. He had his run on the X-Men titles such as Uncanny X-Men and All-New X-Men—where he brought the five original X-Men from the past to present day. He worked on some Iron Man books such as Invincible, International, and Infamous Iron Man.


He also took on the Guardians of the Galaxy with the run ending a few months ago, but his most anticipated work out of his newer stuff has been Spider-Man 2. This series dealt with Peter Parker from The 616 universe and Miles from the Ultimate Universe teaming up. This sequel has been years in the making.

With his departure from Marvel, I’m not sure what it means for the books he had been working on or for the company in general. I think it might actually be a good thing for not only Marvel, but Bendis as well. Now maybe Marvel can get some new talent in there with fresh ideas who can help bring them back up to where they should be. As for Bendis, he gets a whole new set of toys to play with. Which will hopefully bring his writing back up to what it was known for earlier in his career. Only time will tell.


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