What are your expectations like when you see a trailer for a new comic book movie? This is an important question to ask yourself whenever you plan on going to see your favorite superheroes on the big screen. I think our expectations can cause us to not enjoy what otherwise might be really entertaining movies.

Often you’ll see fanboys being super critical whenever a new comic book movie trailer drops. Without even seeing the actual movie yet, they already know it’s going to suck, therefore there’s no way it can be anything other than hot garbage. Sometimes it seems it would have to be the best movie ever made to make them change their preconceived biases towards the film, and even then they’ll find fault somehow.

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This is a real problem I think the majority of the comic reading audience needs to get over. And don’t think I’m saying every comic book movie that has ever been made is good; there’s plenty examples of terrible superhero movies out there. But there are definitely some that people are still rough on even though the negativity isn’t deserved (like Watchmen).

What I do when going into a movie (and sometimes it’s hard) is not make any assumptions about the movie beforehand. I try my best to go in as a blank slate and be as optimistic as possible. I also realize most movies are not going to be exactly how I want or how I think they should be. Sure, I like to guess and come up with my own ideas about what might happen, but that’s just for fun. By no means do I think if a movie doesn’t do exactly what I think it should do, it sucks. Fans need to keep their expectations reasonable and understand not everything will follow the source material completely (which Watchmen did a pretty good job at, but many still disliked it).


Some of the better movies have been based off of lesser-known characters who don’t have well known origins or average people might not be familiar with. Which allows the writers to try new and different things that don’t necessarily connect the characters to the comic books. But because these characters are lesser known, normal comic book fans are a lot less likely to crap on their movies. For instance, Guardians of the Galaxy changed some things around from the source material, but people loved it. Man of Steel also changed some things around, but many people have a preconceived idea on how Superman should be or act and therefore pooed all over the film. Yet, the movie itself wasn’t bad. If the movie was the story of a new character instead of one who’s been around forever, it probably would’ve been a much more critically acclaimed film.

So, if you haven’t figured it out by now, my advice is next time you go to see a comic book movie, try to have a bit of an open mind when watching it. You never know, without all those negative thoughts and preconceived notions rolling around in your head, you might actually enjoy the thing instead of looking for reasons to dump on it. Because I don’t know about you, but I want all of these movies to be good. So why not give them a chance before making your final judgements on them?


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