“It sat, lonely, surrounded by skeletal trees and high grass…”

Normally, when Luke has to make deliveries for Dom’s Pizzeria, he can do it under the 30 minutes or less window. But this time, Luke has to make a run all the way out in the boonies, and since their policy is free pizza if the delivery takes longer than 30 minutes, his boss will have his ass if he’s late. What’s puzzling to Luke, though, is he could’ve sworn the stop was outside of their delivery zone. But when the boss tells you to go somewhere, you go there. So, Luke went.

By the time he made it to the right location there was only ten minutes left to make the delivery in time. Luck was on Luke’s side, though, as he easily found the house he was looking for; it was the only one out there. It sat, lonely, surrounded by skeletal trees and high grass on top of a wooded hill at the end of a long dirt driveway.

As he made it to the silent house, Luke breathed a sigh of relief; he’d made it with a few minutes to spare. There would be no screaming from his boss tonight. Even so, he hurried to the front door and started banging his fist on rotted wood. Nobody answered.

At first he thought the residents were trying to wait him out so they could score a free pizza, but after five minutes of nobody coming to the door he began to wonder what was really going on. Stepping back and taking a good look at the place it became obvious no one was home: there were no lights, a few windows were boarded up, and the roof was sinking in on one side.

“Dammit!” Luke shouted at the silent house.

He chalked the whole thing up to a prank. It doesn’t happen too often, but every once in a while some punks will call in a fake order. It’s rare his boss falls for them, especially when the stop is so far out. Luke figured mistakes happen, though, so no big deal. Just sucks he had to waste his gas money, but at least he’d get a free pizza out of the deal.

Even though it was already night-time when he left for the house, it somehow seemed to get darker on the return trip. If he didn’t know better, it almost seemed as if the darkness was some kind of entity trying to surround him. No doubt a crazy thought, until some unknown force started to rattle the car back and forth—almost causing Luke to veer off the road numerous times.

Once he got himself straightened out he continued on his way back to town. Luke hoped once he got back within the city limits whatever was chasing him would stop. This became more difficult due to the damage caused to his vehicle from the unknown force.

He was less than a mile to town when his car suddenly died and petered to a stop. Luke tried frantically to get the car to start again, but it was of no use. The car took another hard hit from whatever was chasing him, but to his surprise the engine roared back to life.

With renewed hope he thought he was actually going to make it out of this. That was until he felt the ass end of his car lift off the ground. All four wheels levitated for a moment, then something hurled the car into an embankment 30 feet down the side of the road.

They found Luke’s vehicle the next day, but there was no sign of his body. The police have an open investigation into his disappearance; the young man’s parents were extremely distraught over the whole situation, but his boss took it the hardest. After all, he would have to train a new driver now.


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