“Another great addition to an already incredible series!”

Vigilance 003 pg 00

In this newest installment of The Vigilance series we get a little bit more of an in-depth look at Vigilance and what she’s going through.

Vigilance003 pg 08.jpg

When it comes to the story in this issue we get to relive the event that took place earlier on in the Hotshot series, but this time from Vigilance’s point of view. This is of course her big battle with the void and how this has affected her. Previously, we saw the fight with void and how what she had to do to end it didn’t affect her much at all, but in this issue we see that, especially emotionally, she appears to dwell on the situation more than she let on. We also get to see some flashbacks with her and Justice from when she first arrived on Earth, which I thought was a nice touch and a good way to show her growth as a character since her first appearance.

Vigilance003 pg 02

I also really enjoyed the art for this issue; the line work was really smooth. Add that with the inking and awesome color work and it makes for a real treat for the eye. The panel layouts had a good flow to them, especially during the fight scenes. That really enhanced the entire reading experience. I’m not sure if Eder Messias is going to continue to be the artist moving forward, but if he isn’t I would like to see his work featured in more Freestyle Komics in the future.

Vigilance003 pg 17.jpg

The creative team on this issue worked together very well. Hopefully they stay on for at least a couple more issues. I’d like to see what else they could do on this title moving forward.

I’m giving Vigilance #3… 

4 whiskey shots

4 Out Of 5 Whiskey Shots

vigilance 3 cover.jpg

Published by: Freestyle Komics
Story by: Alverne Ball
Pencils by: Eder Messias

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