Oh that cursed hole
That all have fallen in.
In jest you danced around it
Whimsical song of fancy,
Played graciously through your head.
But the cursed plague felled you,
Damned you to the hole.
I begged thee not to dance in vain.
I begged thee not to swim so shallow.
I begged thee not.
Speak not, dear sir, for words are inconsequential,
And the sight of them,
Would blind thee father’s eye.
And the hole would still exist.
My tears may strike the earth,
Washing it clean one drop at a time,
But all the while,
The hole would still exist.
I shall not shed tears any longer,
Never again as of this day,
For they only strike the stone,
Never reaching the heart.
My grief will be no more,
For only a fool puts a torch
To an inextinguishable flame;
Only a fool adds water to the rivers.
Only a fool dances with whimsy,
Around a cursed hole that felled so many before him.


While your here you should take a look at LG’s page and get lost in more of her work.

LG Rogers’ Author Page

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