There’s only 30 minutes left to get the job done. The boss wants me to take out his rival before the new year starts. I don’t know why he wants it to be right before the ball drops, but he pays the bills so that’s how it’s going to be. The only problem is the target is throwing a huge party, making killing him with no one noticing more difficult. But that’s why I get the hard jobs; I get them done no matter what.

Strangely, getting into the party has been the most frustrating part so far. I had to create a diversion to distract the guards so I could slip in while they weren’t paying attention. After that, it was just a matter of trying to figure out how to get some alone time with my new friend.

It took me awhile to finally spot him. I was starting to worry that maybe he decided to leave the party early. But that’s when I saw him over by the bar chatting up a pretty young lady who was at least half his age. Something tells me this didn’t bother him in the slightest.

For a few minutes I watched from afar, deciding my next course of action. With only 15 minutes before the new year started, I knew I had to get the job done quickly or it would be my ass on the line. Slowly, I made my way over to the bar to make my move. Had to time it just right to make it look like an accident when I bumped into them causing him to spill his drink.

This allowed me to buy him a new one and apologize for my clumsiness. Of course, unbeknownst to him, I was able to add a little something extra to his drink. I stuck around just long enough to watch him ingest his “new” cocktail.

Knowing that the poison I laced his drink with was a fast-acting killer, I didn’t want to be anywhere near him when it started to take effect. But I do have to stay close enough to make sure he finished it—which would seal his fate. With only a few minutes left before the ball dropped at midnight, he finished the drink in one big gulp. I was glad. Things would be less messy this way.

We’re now down to the last minute and I can already see some of the effects from the poison taking hold. The target is getting sweaty and appears to be swaying back and forth slightly. With his demise imminent, it’s time to take my leave. The ball is dropping.


He gulps the air with a dry mouth.


He bumps into the girl he was talking to. She looks concerned—placing a gentle hand on his shoulder and leans in close.


I push my way calmly through the crowd towards the exit.


The cocktail glass falls from his hand, hitting the floor with a thud as the ice cubes shoot in all directions.


I’m only a few yards away from the exit.


The girl hugs him instinctively as his legs wobble like wet cardboard beneath him.


The crowd amps up as their shouts grow louder. Nobody is paying attention to him.


I reach the exit door and take one more glance back at him.


The woman can no longer support his weight and releases her hold on him. He’s foaming at the mouth and his eyes have rolled back in his head.


The clock hits midnight just as his stiff body hits the floor. The crowd erupts in cheers as confetti whirls through the air.

Happy New Year!


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