We all know a person who just won’t do the work they’re supposed to. Hell, I’ve been that person myself more times than I would like to admit. But some take it way too far; never accomplishing anything or completing the simple tasks appointed to them.

Shane—a 20-something slacker who works with us unloading delivery trucks at a mega-retail store—is maybe the worst I’ve ever seen when it comes to this particular ailment. He’s the last person to help anyone else with their work but is the first to ask for help with his. This can be the most annoying thing when it comes to your coworkers, or just people in general.

It’s funny how things turn out, though. Unbeknownst to Shane, his fellow employees and I had enough of his lazy attitude and decided to all take the same day off. We hoped it would teach him a lesson about pulling his own weight instead of ombambulating around like a useless slug all the time.

We couldn’t have picked a better day to leave Shane by himself; it was a Saturday and there was an obscene amount of delivery trucks set to come in. Much more than normal. We all called off with the same excuse to make things sound legit; food poisoning. You see, we had a pizza party the day before, and Shane was scheduled off that day. So it made sense we could’ve gotten sick and he didn’t. It was perfect!

It would have been a difficult job with everyone working, but with just Shane on duty, it was almost impossible to get anything done. He would have to pull thousand pound pallets of soda off all by himself. No easy feat, even with a team. From what I heard, the first truck was heavy, wet, stinky pallets of mulch, and he had a very hard time with it. And as the the hours slowly moved on and the work piled up, Shane’s frustration started to peak. For once he had a taste of how it feels to get stuck doing all the work. It would be a lie to say I felt bad for him. None of us did.

From what our boss told us—trying to make us feel bad for calling off no doubt—Shane struggled through most of the day just to get the first truck unloaded, but he had three more waiting for him after his lunch break. Luckily for him, management called someone who had the day off to see if they could come in and help. This hope came in the form of Joe—who is known for being just as lazy as Shane—but beggars can’t be choosers.

Even with Joe’s help, the rest of the day only got worse. Since he never put forth much effort in the past, Shane was extremely exhausted by the end of his shift. There was no doubt he had an effortless sleep that night

Now, you would think after a full day of hard work Shane might have a new appreciation for the help his fellow co-workers give him on a daily basis, but like any truly lazy ungrateful person, his next day at work was just like any other; he fell right back into his old habits oi fucking off and screwing around when it was time to get anything done. It’s not that surprising he reverted back to his old ways, but it is mildly disappointing. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to unload the fertilizer. From what I understand, things got quite messy when Shane went to pull the pallets off the truck but they had tipped over during shipping, which means he had to clean up the shit by hand!

lazy person.png

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