Your words have power. They can change the mood of others, bring about detailed images in the mind, and tell stories. These stories can shape the ways in which we live, think, and act. Without words, these stories can’t be told.

When you sit down to write, stop and think how your words might impact the reader. Choose them wisely because the wrong word or combination of words can ruin the mood, pacing, and meaning of what you’re trying to say. To keep this short and sweet, we’re going to show you a few examples of powerful words. This should give you an idea of what kinds of words to use when you write.

Here are some fear inducing words:


While simple, these words evoke a mood in the reader. A word such as ‘assault’ causes greater impact than the word ‘hit.’ ‘Agony’ digs deeper into the reader’s psyche than simply saying, ‘in pain.’

It’s easy to see how such words can improve one’s writing, but many get stuck in a pattern of using the same descriptive words and phrases. As a writer, you should always look to improve your vocabulary and the ways your words connect with the readers.

Here are some more words that help set the tone you want:

tone words.jpg

Make sure you aren’t using the same words over and over in your writing. If you can spice things up with a simple word, do it. You don’t have to hit the thesaurus to improve your writing; you just need to upgrade the simple words you’re already using.

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