A chipper melody assaults your ears like a machine gun. You stir from a dream world to an abrupt blackness. The music fades to a normal volume and you realize the sound is coming from your phone laying on the nightstand next to you. You reach a stiff arm out into the cold void of the room—the white light of the phone blinds you—and you swipe your finger across the screen ending the melodic attack from the alarm. The phone’s screen goes to black leaving you in a world of darkness. It’s five in the morning.

You stay silent with your eyes fixed on the darkness all around you. You can make out shapes and shadows but no details. The fog in your head clears and your mind focuses on the reason you’re awake; it’s time to go to the gym. It’s time to train.

You’re nestled under the warm covers—sheltered from the cold bite of the room and the downright frigid temperatures outside. You think to yourself how easy it would be to just close your eyes again. Close your eyes and fall back into that relaxed dream world of warmth and comfort. Who would know? The only person you’d let down would be yourself. But you deserve a morning off. Come on, what can it hurt to go back to sleep?

You wrestle with these thoughts. You see your goals in front of you. The success you dream of is vivid before your eyes, but your body is heavy and fights the thought of getting up. You don’t want to leave the comfort of your bed. You don’t have to. Yet your mind, it picks at you. It pulls anger up out of your belly. You know what’ll happen if you skip the gym. You know the negative energy you’ll bring upon yourself.

Your alarm goes again. This time the music washes over your with a gentle rhythm, but the light pierces your eyeballs like knives. You swing your hand over but knock the phone to the ground on accident. You can’t reach it from the bed. You’re pissed. But a small part of you—deep in the back of your subconscious where your dreams hide—is overjoyed. You have to get out of bed. And you know once you do, you won’t be able to forgive yourself if you lie back down.

Your bare feet make contact with the icy ground. A shiver goes up your legs and spine causing an uncontrollable shake of energy throughout your body. The air is cold, unforgiving. But it’s over now. You’ve conquered your hardest challenge of the day.

You got out of bed.

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