Sometimes, sometimes,
Sometimes it’s so hard
To continue to guard
The bard who wasn’t to be.
The bard only wanted to be free.
But what does it mean in this dream
To be free?
Ask not the bard, who has it, you see?
Freedom is confinement,
Confinement is free.
The bard cannot be the bard if the bard
Were to be free.
Do you not see?
Confined by your gifts,
Or free with your bliss
Of ignorance and obscurity
And all that you wish.
Since wishes are full and wishes are empty,
If you get all you wish, you’d have nothing aplenty.
Which path would you choose,
The path full of wishes,
The longing for riches,
Or the path with the bard,
Who’s always on guard,
Confined by a gift too heavy to lift,
Sometimes, sometimes,
Oh, sometimes, sometimes….

mouth taped shut.jpg

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