“I was planning on putting a gun in my mouth tonight…”


He said he needed a favor. Would give me back what I signed over to him a long time ago. Said I could keep the riches I’ve accumulated since then. Not a bad proposition.

I remember the day I met him like it was just yesterday. I was playing blackjack in a real dump of a casino in Atlantic City—and losing, bad. I was in the hole a big way and was trying to dig my way out. Only, the hole kept getting deeper and my pockets emptier. Hell, I’ve been digging my way out of a hole since I was born. Never had much luck in my life: mom was a junkie. Dad split down before I was born. I pretty much fended for myself since I was six years old. Got the taste for some bad vices growing up that way, too. Especially the gambling bug; that bit me hard. But that’s all a story for a different day.

I was down to my last chip when He came over. I won’t go over the conversation that took place on the outside of that dingy blackjack table, but let’s just say I made a deal that started the winning streak I’ve been riding for 13 years now. I’m not joking when I say winning streak, either. I haven’t lost a card game, craps game, slots, or any other damn thing since I met Him that day. I’m richer than Scrooge McDuck and banned from every casino in the country. Of course, it don’t matter none to me. Gambling loses its thrill when you can never lose. I stopped playing years ago. Unfortunately, my winning streak only seems applicable to gambling. Everything else in my life has been a mess.

I have a nice home but have no family to fill its 15 bedrooms. I can’t meet a nice girl who is interested in me and not my money. That’s all I really want anymore; a family. Money doesn’t buy you happiness, and somehow I think He knew that when He made me that terrible deal.

To be honest with you, I was planning on putting a gun in my mouth tonight, but then He showed up and made me a new deal. Said the original deal would be off completely if I did him a favor. No more winning streak and I could have my soul back. Hot damn, it’s hard to turn that down. I didn’t believe in the whole selling your soul business when I first met Him. I thought He was just a crazy person and humored him. Now, I know better. The Devil will only offer you temptation and false reward but never what you truly seek. A preacher told me that once.

I got a second chance now, though. He says all I have to do is grant him a favor. I accepted without knowing what that favor was. Now, I’m wishing I’d just put that gun in my mouth like I’d planned.

Just a simple favor…

devil wallpaper.jpg

If you liked this you should check out the story it was based on.



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