The delicate winds of time blew past me all at once. I witnessed my birth, midlife, and death at the same time. Moments of joy, sorrow, hope, and heartbreak blended together to form a glimmering image of my life as a whole. A complete life absent of true suffering. I am thankful for that.

Every moment of life carries with it an enormity of being that we lack the ability to comprehend. It’s only on our last legs when the picture begins to form and we are allowed to understand our place in the world, and how important each moment of life truly is. It must be some cosmic joke that we cannot see this importance until it’s too late and our life has come to pass. This final understanding of ourselves saddens and leaves us with a feeling of relief. Saddens us due to all the wasted time, and relieves us to know all things that must end, will end.

I’m not on my last days, though. At least in a statistical sense. It’s true we are all living our possible last day each and every day, as that is the fragile state of life. For me, now, I’m simply seeing my life for what it is and what it may become. A dream within a dream not to be carried over to the conscious world. I’m grateful for this dream, but I know it’s only a glimpse into something I won’t remember. The details will and do elude me; leaving only a husk of the dream behind—a fragmented image of what I saw in the dream realm.

I’ll do my best to take away what I can from the dream. Perhaps the reality of life will imprint onto me its importance. I can only hope the review of my life past and not yet lived helps me better realize the importance of each moment of life.

I wake up and pray I do not lose the lesson. I vow not to take my life for granted. This is all I can take from such a dream.


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