Roadside Flowerbed

By Ashleigh Hatter

It was not all as some would think,

So distorted was the way,

My highway song was never long, and sped by at the rate of my tires.

Those were the days!

When all the lights were beetles in the sky,

And the stories we were making were only a few chapters in.

I remember how you looked in the garden.

Hair in ribbons, skin like milk.

I wish I could go back to those times, and relive it again.

But that was one castle, and this is another.

That land is not a home anymore.

But this one might be.

And though I buried you with the dank earth of Time,

And though there will always be a mark where you walked through my life,

And though there will never again be a day when our paths so cross…

I’ll plant a flower on the side of this road,

In the middle of nowhere, where I’ll never pass again,

So that the clouds and birds, and crawling things might admire the beauty of what you once were to me.


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