I’m lost in a field of gray. There is no color; not even on the skin of my hands. A bleak world of black and white stretches as far as the eye can see. A sense of hopelessness fills me. All I can do is walk—unable to feel, taste, or hear anything. Then… hope.

A splash of red twirls and dances in front of me, gliding through the air with beautiful grace. It’s a rose petal. A stunning image in this world of nothingness. I reach out to grab it, but the wind pushes it away just beyond my fingertips. I chase it.

Faster and faster I go but the rose petal slips in and out of my grasp. Something is happening to me. The more I run the more I feel. I feel… alive.

I stop in admiration of these new sensations. The wind tickles my cheeks and my hair rises and falls over my eyes. The hair on my arms stand up and a new life rises deep within me. I’m reborn. I’m one with the world again.

The rose petal hovers in front of me—begging me to continue my chase. I must catch it; feel the smoothness of its rich texture between my fingers. In this moment I feel as if it’s all I’ve ever wanted or needed. The beauty of its color is beyond comprehension in this black and white world.

I continue to chase it, but the wind teases me. It slows it enough so I think I can grab it, but then blows it away from my reach. Over and over again I fail to retrieve its beauty for myself. Then a thought strikes me: maybe something so magnificent isn’t supposed to be captured.

I stop. The rose petal stops. Dancing. Teasing. Twirling in the air in front of me. I finally understand. No matter how long I chase it, I’ll never make it mine. So, I turn away from its beauty—facing the bleak world behind me. A field of nothingness as far as the eye can see. I start walking.

I only manage a couple steps before I feel something land on my shoulder. I pull the object from my shoulder with a gentle touch. It’s the rose petal! It has come to me.

I hold it in my drab gray hands. The deep red color sparkles in the void surrounding me. Then, suddenly, the red of the rose petal melts into my hand and spreads throughout my body. Color returns to my skin. Then it leeches from my body into the soil below; slowly spreading color to the gray world around me.

Before I realize it I’m standing in a field of hypnotic color. Splashes of brilliance everywhere. It’s like heaven! All because I was brave enough to let what I wanted most in the world go.


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