Day One: Friday

wizard world grafiti.jpg

The first day of a convention can always be a bit jarring. You’re trying to get your bearings: where different artists are on the show floor, what celebrities you might want to get an autograph from or photo with, and then there’s always the panels you might want to see. And to top it all off, The first day of cons are usually short. This means you really got to hustle if you one to come up with a good plan for the weekend.

After Caleb and I made our first couple of laps through the show floor, it was time to check out some panels. We started with the How to Promote yourself in comics, which was done by our good friend Mike Watson. Mr. Watson gave out some pretty helpful tips on how to get your name out there in the comic industry and as an independent creator in general. If you weren’t able to see the panel, he live streamed it. So, if you want to check it out—and you definitely should—find his different social media accounts. I believe he did this particular live stream on Facebook, so here’s his Freestyle Komics page.

spencer and mike watson.jpg
Mike Watson and I. I’m holding the awesome commission he did for me.

After that panel, we went and checked out Cinemas Best of the Worst; which was a pretty fun panel discussing what makes a really good bad movie. Yes, good bad movie. Those movies that are so bad they’re actually good. Like everyone’s favorite awful movie, The Room.

The host. Joe Wos, who did a fantastic job, showed us his personal top 10 best worst movies’ trailers. And I can assure you, all of those movies were really bad. If you’re a fan of these kinds of movies, this is something you definitely need to check out if you come across this panel at a future show. You won’t regret it.

the room.jpg

The last panel we went to Friday night was the Marvel Vs DC: The Great Debate. There was a great discussion about which company has the best heroes, villains, cartoons, movies, storylines, and a lot more.

What made this one so fun was the interaction with the crowd of around 50 people. For each segment, they would pick a fan to help argue for each side. And yours truly got a chance to get on the stage for the DC side. My topic was who would win in a fight, Wonder Woman or the Hulk. And if it wasn’t obvious, Wonder Woman would win.

Spencer Debate Panel.jpg
Me on stage debating other comic fans.

Day 2

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