Day 2: Saturday

Wizard Crowd Sat 1.jpg

After waking up and finding a nice diner to have some breakfast, it was time to get our second day at the con started. We didn’t have a panel to go until later in the day, so there was plenty of time to really check out the showroom floor. We got to talk to some really good creator’s before we had to get to the panels.

The first panel we attended on Saturday was Diversity in Manga. If you’re not familiar with what manga is, it’s more or less the Japanese version of comic books. Now, when it comes to manga, a lot of the characters seem to be Caucasian, which always kind of confused me because I just assumed that most of these stories took place over in Japan. But I’ve never really read that much manga, so I don’t know for sure. This panel was hosted by an independent manga group called Saturday AM. Their main goal is to make a broader range of characters for their stories that not only represents themselves, but others as well. It was pretty interesting and there was a good crowd for it.

saturday am banner.jpg

You might be familiar with the next panel we went to. For those who’ve read our write-up last year, we covered this panel already. But sometimes a panel is so good you have to see them more than once. I’m talking of course about the NASA and the Science of Superman panel.

This panel always brings in a great crowd. More so this year because there was a huge crowd for the Torchwood panel right before, so a lot of the crowd just stayed for this one. They go over all sorts of aspects of Superman from a scientific point of view. Everything from how is powers work, to even the spaceship that got him to Earth. What’s real fun about this panel is the Q&A at the end. Not only do we talk about Superman, the NASA scientists cover a wide variety of different scientific things and what NASA is involved in now.  This panel is a real blast!

superman flying.jpg

Next up was perhaps the best panel of the entire convention: John Barrowman’s One Man Show. Now if you’re not familiar with John Barrowman, he’s very open about himself and his sexuality. I knew this beforehand, but never had the opportunity to actually see one of his panels. And let me tell you, it’s probably one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen.

Not only is he great with the fans and is hilarious, but he sings and dances, too—in a dress and heels! And he’s amazing at both. If that doesn’t take mad skills, I don’t know what does. Next time I’m at a convention and he has a panel, I’m making it a point to go and see it from the front row.

Unite The League: A Conversation With Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher was supposed to be earlier in the day, but got pushed back. I’m not sure what caused the delay; I assume that their line for autographs was probably just too long and they couldn’t get away in time.

Regardless, this was still a very good panel to be a part of. Both of the Leaguers were very entertaining and interacted with fans awesomely. Ezra Miller is quick-witted and even did some singing of his own. It was a lot of fun. It was still disappointing that Jason Momoa had to cancel due to bad weather in the UK. Would have loved to see him in this panel.

Justice League Panel.jpgAfter that we went to the Words Create Worlds: Lessons from a Storyteller. James Morris hosted this panel for aspiring writers. He answered many questions from the audience members and gave out some good advice. He also has a series of books that he has published himself along with working on a music career.

For us this panel wasn’t really informative, but for the audience he gave out a lot of good information. Perhaps we’ll host a DPW writing panel in the future. At the very least it would be entertaining.

James Morris

We wanted to go to the James O’Barr panel, but we weren’t able to get in. It was a Q&A followed by a screening of The Crow. Unfortunately, you needed to buy an additional ticket to go to the panel. The ticket itself wasn’t that expensive; it was only $5, but you couldn’t find anybody at the convention who knew how to buy them. Even James didn’t know. We went to the panel and they demanded to see our tickets, but they had no idea how we were to buy said tickets.

Finally, a con goer told us there was a website you had to go to that also charged you an extra fee for using it. Of course, the internet there was bad so we couldn’t buy the damn things. I’m not sure why we couldn’t just give them the $5 for it. The thing about it is, we didn’t even necessarily want to see the movie. Nothing against it, I’ve just watched it a whole bunch of times. We just wanted to see the panel and talk to James some more. So I think if they plan on doing that kind of stuff with the other shows, they might need to figure out a better system. Because it’s pretty bad when the guy doing the panel doesn’t even know how you are supposed to get in to see him. All in all, James wasn’t impressed.

james o'barr unimpressed.jpg

One good thing that did come out of missing that panel, we got to see the cosplay contest. And of course with anything like this, you’re going to have some really good costumes, and some not so good costumes. But all in all, it was very entertaining and interesting to see how these people took the time and effort to make their costumes.

We generally don’t follow cosplay culture, but this definitely made us appreciate the hard work these people put into it all. I’m glad we stayed and watched.

Link Battle.jpg
They also had a Link battle which was great.

By the time the cosplay contest was over the convention was done for the night. So we went back up to our hotel room and ordered food from this new delivery service we found out about earlier in the convention; their employees were handing out discount cards for their service. All you had to do was go to their website, order whatever you wanted, give him the street address, and they would send you a text message when they were on their way. All we had to do was meet them outside for the food.

This company is called Clustertruck. They’re not everywhere, they just started in Cleveland. I do believe they said they were in Indianapolis and some place else, too. I’m not sure, so you have to look into them to see if they’re in your area. But if they are, you might want to check it out. The food arrived super quickly and was pretty tasty as well. 

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