Day 3: Sunday

Cleveland buildings.jpg

After sleeping in a little later than we normally do and getting everything packed up, we checked out of the hotel room and found a place to park the car for the day. After that we were on the hunt to find some place to get breakfast, which was a lot harder than we ever thought it would be. Everything was either closed because it was Sunday or super busy. It took so long that we almost missed our first panel, but we were able to make it just in time.

That first panel was the Real Deal with Indie Comics. This panel consisted of some of the Indie creators that were attending the convention. It was very informative. They covered all the different things you have to do to try to make your own Indie comics. That includes everything from trying to raise money and finding an artist, to getting your name out there and growing your audience.

real deal with indie comics panel
From right to left: Creators Michael Watson, Ted Sekora, Sesquoia Bostic, and Aalia Degirolamo.

After that panel we tucked in for the tail end of the A Conversation with a Doctor and His companion. This had David Tennant and Billie Piper. And if you’re a fan of Doctor Who, especially the newer seasons, this was a must-see for you.

This was made evident by the sheer volume of people who attended this panel. It was much larger than the one at the Justice League panel. Of course, I’m sure that had a lot to do with them moving the JL panel to a different time.

Packed crowd for the Doctor Who panel.

Then we went to the Superman in Cleveland panel. For those who didn’t know, the Superman creators are from Cleveland. This panel went over their history a little bit and the museum type things around town they have set up with the different exhibits they have.

They also talked a little bit about what they might have planned for the 80th anniversary of the Siegel and Shuster Society. It was a little dry at times but very good. Also, it had a much larger crowd than I expected. 

Superman panel (2).jpg
Superman in Cleveland panel just starting.

We went and saw Protecting Gotham: a Conversation with Gotham’s David Mazouz and Sean Pertwee. We didn’t spend too much time at this one; by the time we got there it was already pretty packed.

But it was still cool just to see them for a couple of minutes. Even though that Gotham may not be my favorite show, the actors seemed really genuine with the audience when answering their questions.


The last panel of the day for us was the Comic Creator Quiz Show. They had two different creators from the convention team up with a fan from the audience and would answer different comic related questions. It was fun seeing both the fans and creators alike struggling with some of the more difficult questions and seeing what you yourself might have known.

After this there wasn’t any other panels we wanted to see, and with already making multiple trips through the show floor, we decided to start our journey back home. It takes about two and a half hours for us to get back into Pennsylvania. It seems longer after the grind of covering all three days of the convention which—don’t get me wrong—was fun, but can get to you by the end of Sunday.

spencer passed out.jpg

After making it home I got back into my house and just immediately collapsed on the couch. After some rest and food I started finishing up the write ups you are and will be reading. If you attended the show and read this, I’d like to hear what your thoughts are compared to ours. And if you haven’t gone to the show, I hope this article may increase your interest in attending either this show or one of the other Wizard World events they have planned this year. 

This is just my day-to-day coverage of the event. I’ll be sharing my official Fast and Easy Review of the con in general later on. We also have a greatly detailed piece on the whole con and weekend coming up tomorrow or Wednesday. Until then, thanks for reading!

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