Friday Overview



We checked into the hotel early and rushed right down to get our press passes. Once we got through security and the crowds of people, it took a whole five seconds to get our passes and into the show. I love how fast and streamlined everything was this year.

The first thing we did was loop around the floor. It wasn’t very busy yet and a lot of vendors were still setting up. We ran into the guys at source point press first and chatted with them for a bit, then went on our way to check out the rest of the floor.

As you can see, not much was going on when the con started. The crowds picked up fairly quickly and it appeared a lot of people were buying things. So it was a very good day even though it was a short one.

We were pretty bushed from the drive up, but we stayed for the whole day. We also covered three panels, which you can read about on the panels page. I wish I would’ve gotten more pictures of Friday, but the whole day was kind of a big blur. We also did celebration shots of whiskey before going down to the con, so maybe that had something to do with things.


We mainly just talked with people on Friday. Met some fun cosplayers, cool creators, and were involved with the panels. Overall it was a surprisingly chill day as far as con life goes.

I do wish I could’ve bought more art while I had the chance. But there were so many amazing artists and creators I was kind of overwhelmed. It’s like when you have way too many options and instead choose none. Oh well, it happens sometimes.

too many options.png

After The Show On Friday Night

Here’s where the night got interesting. As I mentioned before, Spencer and I were starving but we didn’t want to walk through downtown Cleveland like we did last year. It was way too cold and we are getting way too old. This is when we made the poor choice to go to the high-end restaurant inside the hotel.

After we spent a huge chunk of money there we went up to Bar 32 and I bought one drink. Again, too expensive and not fun. We proceeded to go back to the hotel room to drink and fell asleep around midnight. Highly disappointing Friday if I say so myself.

bar 32.jpg
I wasn’t lying when I said that bar was fancy as fuck. 

Weekend Overview

Friday Overview

Saturday Overview

Sunday Overview

Event Panels

Talking with Creators

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