Saturday Overview

jam band.jpg
Jam band was jammin’.

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning I went to the gym and worked out next to an overly excited gym goer. I don’t know if he was attending the con later that day, but he did have a Mohawk and looked like a superhero. After that we went on our exodus through Cleveland in search of breakfast.

Once we ate and warmed up our frostbitten limbs we made our way back to the con. The morning scene was much like the Friday scene. There wasn’t a lot of people and everyone was kind of chill. Of course things definitely picked up later, but the morning was a nice way to ease into the event. Except for the part where I briefly got sucked in between dimensions and was nearly attacked by a blurry maniac who may or may not have been brandishing a war hammer.

blurry guy.jpg

Things slowly picked up during the day, but the morning was fairly uneventful. We had some fun talking with our new buddies over at Source Point Press and hung out with Mike Watson periodically. He was busy as hell; by far one of the busiest creator booths at the con.

We also tried checking out the cosplay corner, but it was packed! We couldn’t even get over there to take pictures. Like I said, the morning wasn’t very busy. So, we kind of bummed around looking for people to talk to.

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The Floor

One thing you’ll notice from these pictures compared to last year is that there isn’t a crazy long line to get in. That’s not because the con wasn’t busy, it’s because the setup was better. Last year they had people wait in line outside the showroom floor where the lined backed up into the hall featuring this year’s event panels.

This year it was much more open and since security was upstairs, they had a lot more room at the showroom floor for people to line up, get their tickets, and enter the show. The only downside is that I believe there was only one row to enter the main floor. At least during the times we went it. That might not have been the case when the con first opened each day in the mornings since people wouldn’t be exiting the show yet.

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Celebrity Incidents

In the past I’ve nearly been bowled over by a rampaging George Wendt, almost knocked over by a pissed off Lou Ferrigno, and “handled” by the security of Millie Bobby Brown when she accidentally ran into me. All fun times.

This year, sadly, no such encounters. Unless you count almost peeing next to Matt Ryan in the restroom, which I do not. Perhaps at the next con I’ll have more fun celebrity encounters. It was especially upsetting this year as I had good whiskey to share to all who wanted after the show. Maybe I should’ve asked James O’Barr if he wanted to hangout. He’s always quite lively when I talk to him.

george wendt.jpg
Couldn’t find a happy pic of O’Barr so you get George Wendt instead.

After The Show

At some point near the end of Saturday’s show we ended up half passed out on the floor in the event hall. Some guy came up to us from a company called ClusterTruck. He handed us a card with a discount for their food service. We didn’t think anything of it until we got back to the hotel after the show.

We really didn’t want to walk across town for food, or go to that overly romantic and expensive restaurant again, so we checked out ClusterTruck. They had some awesome food on the site and ordering was easy as hell. We both ordered burgers and sides, and within ten minutes they were waiting for us outside the hotel. My guy was in a brand new Ford Explorer, all black with black tinted windows. He rolled down the windows real slow and said, “You order something?” in that special way drug dealers do. Alas, I didn’t get any drugs, nor did Spencer, but we did get some awesome food. And with the discount, all it costs us was three bucks each. Score!

Not their logo.

What I was kind of bummed about is that we missed the official Wizard World after party at Zocalo Tequileria. It was a DC After Dark party and sounded like an awesome time.

Unfortunately I was wiped out by the end of the day. As a matter of fact, I was wiped out the whole weekend. It probably didn’t help that I drank so much whisky with dinner… and before dinner… and after dinner. Also, I didn’t want to walk through downtown Cleveland hammered drunk. Maybe next time if it’s warmer.

Tell me this place doesn’t look awesome.

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Event Panels

Talking with Creators

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