Sunday Overview


We slept in a little Sunday morning then packed all our stuff up. Checkout was at 11 but our first panel of the day started at 11:30. So we checked out about an hour early. The Hilton checkout system is fucking amazing! All you do is text them you’re checking out and they send you an email of your receipt and have your vehicle waiting for you outside. You don’t have to talk to anyone but the valet who hands over the car keys.

We wanted to hit breakfast again, but much to our chagrin, Mike and Dee’s Diner was closed on Sundays. Long story already told, we used the pay-for-day parking across from the hotel we stayed at last year, and walked our asses through town where we ultimately ended up at that five-star breakfast establishment known as Yum Yum’s.


The Floor

Sunday’s show was surprisingly busy. We only had a few panels to attend, so we spent a good bit of time on the floor. Unfortunately, it was so crowded we couldn’t really talk to anyone like the previous two days. But hey, that’s great for Wizard World. Plus, we saw nothing but people having an awesome and fun time. There was no negativity in the air.

Of course, Spencer and I tried to get into some shenanigans. But there were already so many going on that we couldn’t really do anything short of getting naked to compete. And I’m serious about that. We saw a cosplayer who was about 75% boobs, and she was only wearing black leather pants and black tape x’d over her nipples. Not much we could do to compete with that without getting arrested. Who knows, maybe we’ll try for that next year.

Spencer groping
Spencer doing what he’s best at: fondling stuff.
caleb lifting block
Me trying to take this giant cement block home with me.

Needless to say, we had a good time. We’re so happy we were able to cover Cleveland again. But boy howdy, it was certainly an exhausting weekend.

Weekend Overview

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Sunday Overview

Event Panels

Talking with Creators

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