Talking With Creators

diy booth
Do It Yourself section booth.

We didn’t meet too many new creators, but we did hangout with plenty of awesome folks we met at previous shows. I’ll go over the people I remember speaking with. I apologize if I forgot anyone.

Micheal Watson

Mike Watson's booth

We talked with Mike a lot this weekend. He’s a really cool guy and puts out awesome books. You can’t beat that! We also support his message of genuine diversity in comics and love the work he does.

He probably had the best show this weekend. Every time we walked past his booth he had a whole swarm of people talking to him. That man works his ass off! Definitely check out his work at Freestyle Komics.

Source Point Press

source point press logo

We couldn’t even get a pic of their booth because they always had a crowd. They put out amazing books and are a lot of fun to talk to. If you ever see these guys at a show, definitely check them out. They were the first booth we stopped at and I bought a whole bunch of stuff.

Make Your Own Absinthe

Make Your Own Absinthe

We happened to stumble upon this guy’s booth at closing time on Saturday night. He had a variety of make your own absinthe bags. Essentially, you steep the bags in alcohol and it makes absinthe. We were immediately sold! He seemed like a cool guy, too.

Unfortunately, the show was so busy we didn’t have a chance to connect with too many artists and creators outside of the folks above. Sure, we talked with a hell of a lot of people, but I didn’t get a chance to ask for their pictures or anything. Kind of disappointing as that’s why we go to these shows. But hey, that just shows Wizard World was doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing: giving these creators enough shine that they get crazy good business.

All in all, it was a solid show: it had a great, positive crowd, a lot of amazing creators, a decent celebrity lineup, and had a wonderful setup for families as well. I Just wish there were more writing panels. Like I said before, maybe at a show down the road we’ll hosts our own. After all, who wouldn’t want to see that?

DPW panel.jpg
Now who wouldn’t want to attend a DPW panel?

Random Pics Of The Convention

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Weekend Overview

Friday Overview

Saturday Overview

Sunday Overview

Event Panels

Talking with Creators

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