The engine roared loudly in the car
as it sat, waiting, at the stoplight in the road.
Inside, the music played solely to one passenger
who hummed along with the frivolous tune,
while seeing the world through a cleanser streaked window
that distorts the view of her eye.

As the light turns green, it reflects in her eye
and she smiles alone in the car.
She makes a note to clean the window
as she continues her journey down the road.
She sings loudly to her favorite tune,
it’s appropriately named “The Passenger.”

She takes solace in the lyrics of “The Passenger.”
They bring a tear to her eye,
as she turns up the volume of the rich tune.
She continues to sing in the confines of the car,
just singing and driving down the main road
while basking in the sun that pours through the window.

As the sun now pours, the rain once fell on that window.
It clouded the fragile soul of the passenger,
who, for a long time stayed far from the road.
Yet she could always see it in her mind’s eye,
haunted by the images of her father’s car
with the broken radio that could no longer sing her a tune.

But as she got older, she could hear the tune
and could see clearly through the front window.
Putting her fear aside, she crawled back into the car
but this time as its only passenger.
As she drove, she remembered to keep a watchful eye
and to pay attention to every detail of the road.

She made, in her mind, a map of the road
as she was embraced by her favorite tune.
It sang of things that had blinded her eye
for a long time, blackening the window.
She is the character in “The Passenger,”
it must have been written for her and this car!

So now she drives and opens the window,
forgetting all fear while singing this tune
and forever loving the newly made memories of her car.

old car.jpg

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