marvel fresh start 2

No matter what they call it, it’s quite easy to see that this is just another money grab From Marvel. It feels like Marvel hasn’t really cared about their comics in a long time. It also seems when they started putting out movies, the quality of their comic book products have gone downhill. This is not due to the creators, though, as they have some wonderful writers and artists. I actually feel kind of sorry for them because they might not be the main priority for the company they’re working for.

The main thing that really has me peeved about this most recent announcement is that Marvel just flat-out lied about what they were going to do after their big Legacy event. It’s bad enough this was close to their 10th event in the last couple of years, but there was some hope at the end of the tunnel that they might have gotten back to telling good stories. Unfortunately, it seems like they’re pulling the rug out from underneath of us. It probably doesn’t help that the whole Legacy thing didn’t work out as they hoped; a lot of the big titles like Spider-Man, Thor, and others just stayed the same with only their ongoing numbers changing. I liked that part of it, but mainly the event didn’t really do anything.

sad spidey.jpg

With this new Fresh Start initiative, not only are they taking away those Legacy numbers, they’re giving all the titles a new number one. Even worse, they can’t even commit to it. All they’re doing is giving you a big number one on the corner, but right next to it they still have the ongoing number like they did in the early 2000s. They’re just trying to get bigger sales with having a number one on everything.

The big problem, though, is they said there wouldn’t be an event for at least 18 months. And now we’re not even six months into Legacy and we have this Fresh Start going on–giving out new number ones and things like that. It sure sounds like an event to me. It’s just the same old crap going on.

stan old crap.jpg

What makes it worse is that it’s not even working anymore and is really hurting the comic industry. Without people picking up Marvel books as much anymore, it’s putting a real strain on the comic stores; which isn’t good for anyone. I for one can attest to that. I don’t get anywhere near as many Marvel titles as I used to. There was a time I picked up the Avengers, Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. But after a while I had to drop all those books. The main problems were the middle of the road storytelling coupled with the high price tags of $4 a book.

I don’t like bad-mouthing Marvel; they were the first comics I really got into. But throughout the years I’ve dropped most of their books. I do hope this Fresh Start might somehow get them on the right track. It’s just hard to believe that with Marvel’s recent track record this will be a worthwhile endeavor.

this comic sucks.jpg

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