All Bill wanted to do was score some weed for after work. He was not planning to go on some sort of adventure. But as is life, things rarely go as planned.

After a hard day of work Bill went to his local dealer; he didn’t even bother to head home first to change out of his work clothes. His dealer’s house was only a few blocks away from where he worked, so it wasn’t a long walk. And before he knew it, there he was, standing in the center of his dealer’s living room wearing his khaki pants and collared shirt. Unfortunately, his dealer Eddie, was out of stock. But he was ready to make a re-up and offered Bill to join him for a quick drive. Desperate just to get some smoke, Bill decided to tag along.

It didn’t take long to get to the supplier’s house. They parked out front of an old Victorian and Eddie told Bill to wait in the car. He said it wouldn’t take but a few minutes. Well, after those few minutes turned into twenty, Bill started to get anxious. All he wanted to do was go home and relax with his weed. That’s when he heard two voices arguing inside, then things got eerily quiet. Bill listened intently, then through the silence came three loud bangs. With each bang a flash of light reflected through the window. Then all was quiet again. 

Bill was shaken to his core, but before he could collect his thoughts Eddie came rushing out of the house and jumped in the driver’s seat. He had blood on his clothes and he threw his backpack in Bill’s lap. As they sped away in the car Bill tried working up the nerve to ask what happened, but Eddie started talking a mile a minute. He was talking so fast it was impossible to make out what he was saying. What Bill managed to gather from Eddie’s ramblings was that somehow the deal between him and his supply man went sideways, causing the shots. Eddie’s words started to slur and the color in his face was going pale. Once he finished his story he lifted his shirt to expose a fresh bullet hole in his abdomen.

The car started to sway back and forth with Eddie dipping in and out of consciousness. Bill tried to grab the wheel, but it was too late; the car slammed into a light pole. The sounds of sirens droned off in the distance as Bill slowly crawled from the wreckage. Once he made it outside the vehicle he noticed Eddie’s backpack laying in the grass. Without thinking, Bill picked it up and unzipped the bag; it was packed with marijuana.

Bill knew he couldn’t be at the scene when the police showed up—especially being the only one left alive in this situation. The problem was, he was miles away from home and pretty banged up from the accident. Luckily, there was a bar halfway down the street that he could limp to and wait out the police.

The commotion outside died down after a few hours. Bill was hiding in the bathroom—lucky for him the place was busy so no one even noticed him come in—and he decided to call a taxi to take him home.

During the ride home Bill couldn’t believe he was able to survive everything that happened. Though, during all of the excitement he forgot he gave the rest of his money to Eddie earlier in the night for his weed. When the taxi driver pulled up to Bill’s house and asked for payment, Bill reached into the backpack and pulled out a handful of product—handing it over to the stunned driver in hopes it would be good enough. Much to Bill’s relief, the driver was more than happy with this form of payment.

Bill limped into his house and walked gingerly up the stairs into his bedroom. He started thinking maybe it was time he should take a break from smoking for a while. But before he could even finish the thought, he sat down on his bed, reached into the drawer out of habit, pulled out his pipe, and took a nugget from the backpack and lit it up. After exhaling a cloud of smoke, Bill laid down on his bed and looked up at the ceiling.

“I think I’m going to call off work tomorrow,” he said out loud to himself before taking another heavy hit from the pipe.

weed wallpaper2.jpg

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