For years now there have been rumors of monsters living in the sewers underneath New York City.

These tales are normally passed along from kid to kid throughout the generations; always just urban legends nobody ever took too seriously. It’s funny what ends up being true.

It all started a few weeks ago with a routine maintenance check of the sewer systems. Suspiciously, the crew members who were performing these checks never made it back to the surface. At least, not alive.

After never reporting back at the end of their shift, the chief sent a couple more workers down to find them. The only things they were able to recover were bloody tattered clothes and random body parts.
You could imagine the concern this caused the public officials in the city. They knew they couldn’t let this news become public or it might cause a mass panic. But even the best kept secrets can only be hidden for so long.

It didn’t take long for word to spread about the gruesome murders committed in the sewers. Nobody knew who leaked the story to the local papers, but the damage done was swift and immediate. Mass panic turned into swirling rumors; suddenly every missing person or unexplained phenomenon was linked to the sewers. Everyone had their own ideas on what happened down there.

There were many theories about what or who performed such heinous acts on those poor city workers: one of the most popular being the old school alligators in the sewers myth. But after studying the remains left behind, that idea was ruled out. Another theory was about sewer-living cannibals who ate anything or anyone they came across. That idea didn’t hold up to scrutiny either.

It was all very confusing because at first these two theories seemed to have some weight to them. The tooth marks found on the remaining chunks of flesh matched up to both human and animal, but neither could account for how powerful and quickly the bodies were shredded. It looked as if they were chewed up by an industrial meat grinder.
The mayor decided the best choice of action was to send a group of highly trained, military armed animal control specialists down into the sewers to exterminate the “creature(s).” The task force stormed the sewers and were able to take out a few of whatever lurked in the pitch black tunnels. Sadly, they quickly lost their advantage and were outmatched by the sheer volume of the unknown beasts. This sudden turn of events presented an unforeseen disaster; by ripping though the unit of men, the creatures were drawn to the surface.

Once they were in the light of day it was easy to see what these creatures really were. They had long mouths full of sharp teeth and powerful tails just like alligators, but even though they crawled on all fours, they would also walk around on their hind legs like humans. They did this when they attacked and it made them stand well over eight feet tall.

The city police did their best to fight off the creatures, but after 24 hours the fight continued to rage on and they needed help. After getting a five block radius evacuated and secured, military forces were brought in to deal with the threat. Even with the added firepower it was nothing more than a standstill between the two groups. Every time they thought they we’re getting close to winning, more creatures would surface from the grimy depths of the sewer.

Nobody knew who or what created these horrid monsters, but there was no way to stop them. The death toll rose too quickly and drastic measures had to be taken. Even now with the fighting going on, drone strikes were set to neutralize the threat. Assuming these things roam throughout the entirety of the sewers, it’s a safe bet that New York will never be the same again.

scary sewer.png

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