Drowning in the atmosphere
Earthen pleasures disappear
Attention paid and then cashed in
Through thick and thin of frail skin
Hallucinations dissipate
Become ideas to formulate
Enough already, blackness starts
Cremation of these soulless parts
Out of hiding, into space
Me, myself, to end the race
Each day I pray to walk away
Save it for another day
Messing up the path of fate
Echoes sound a dead debate

Time is full of ancient hurt
Hurt that’s viscious and not curt
Each day it goes to longer lengths
Breaking up my hidden strengths
Attack the mind with sharpened knives
Tracing blood paths in our lives
Trailing behind a sharper set
Leaning towards a deeper debt
Earning less than what is fair
Inching toward complete despair
Slice apart this waiting neck
Leave behind this shattered wreck
Over time, your loss will cease
Sideways glance, my name a crease
Traipsing through this death for peace


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