“The rest of the way home seemed like it took an eternity…”

Almost every day Phil asks Justin for a ride home from work. Justin isn’t the only one who gets asked, but he gets asked the most frequently. Even though Phil has had this job for years, he still doesn’t own a car or has figured out another form of transportation.

Even more bothersome for Justin, he actually lives close to Phil—so he can’t use the excuse it’s out of his way to avoid giving the guy a ride. A fact Phil loves to rub in to make Justin feel guilty enough to say yes. It wouldn’t even be so bad if Phil wasn’t so fucking annoying. Every time he asks he spouts off the same lame phrase, “Going my way?” After every hard day of work, all Justin wants to do is unwind while listening to a podcast on his way home. But Phil will talk and talk throughout the whole ride, stressing Justin out more each time.

It also doesn’t help that more often than not, the topic of conversation turns to work itself—which Justin doesn’t want to hear about at the end of the day. The worst thing, though, is when this occurs after Justin works a late shift. After dealing with customers all day and closing his department down, Justin wants to get home as quickly as possible and call it a night. But with Phil tagging along, the trip home takes just long enough to become extremely annoying. Phil will even wait hours after his shift is done just to get a ride home from Justin.

One night, after putting in a couple of extra hours because someone called off, Justin was finally ready to head home—but waiting for him at the time clock was the eater of spirits himself, Phil, with a story about how he couldn’t find anybody else to give him a ride. “Going my way?” he asked with a smirk.

The look on Justin’s face gave away his frustration, but he fought his instincts and regrettably said yes. The nagging started before they reached the car. Phil droned on and on about how bad he had it at work—like he ever worked anyway. It took everything Justin had to not keep the door locked and drive off, leaving the pain-in-the-ass coworker standing dumbstruck in the parking lot. If Justin only followed his instincts and did this, things would have turned out differently.

There’s a long stretch of rural road on the way home. It takes up nearly the first half of the 30 minute trip to Phil’s house; he lives in the country, Justin on the outskirts of town not too far away. Much like any other night, Justin was gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were turning white. He tried to just block out as much as he could of Phil’s ramblings, but the man had a bad habit of asking unnecessary questions to keep his victims involved in the conversation.

Almost as if it was out of instinct, Justin reached over and back-handed Phil. The slap sent a shock wave through Phil and an eerie silence fell over the two for a few moments. Phil seemed to mull this over in his head, then he suddenly lunged from the passenger seat with an animalistic fire in his eyes. The car swerved back and forth on the dark street. Luckily, there was enough room for Justin to pull the car over on the shoulder.

The vehicle barely came to a stop before both men stormed out in a fury. No words were spoken as Justin and Phil met at the front of the vehicle. Phil threw the first punch, connecting with Justin’s chin. Giving out the first licking didn’t do much for Phil, all it did was send Justin into a blind rage.

Justin rushed Phil, tackling him to the ground with a sickening thud. As they struggled against each other, Justin gained the dominant position of being on top. This allowed him to unleash an onslaught of punches upon Phil’s increasingly swollen face. It wasn’t until he stopped from exhaustion that he noticed Phil wasn’t moving anymore.

Checking for a pulse and not finding one, Justin spiraled into a panic. Not knowing what to do next, he jumped into his car and sped off into the night like a demon—hoping no one saw what happened on this lonely country road. The rest of the way home seemed like it took an eternity, but in all actuality he’d never gotten home so fast.

The next day at work Justin was sure he was going to get caught; he thought it was only a matter of time before they put two-and-two together and figured out he’d murdered poor Phil. When he got to the break room, everyone was talking about Phil—just not in the way Justin had expected. It turned out after Justin fled the scene, some wild animals found the body and tore it to shreds. Everyone assumed a pack of wolves had gotten him. A lot of people claimed they were surprised this hadn’t happened sooner—with him having to walk from work sometimes. Justin wasn’t very relieved, and he felt a strong sense of guilt from that nigh on.

Needless to say, he refused to give anyone a ride ever again.

need a ride.jpg

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