Marvel has recently announced they’re going to bring back the Fantastic Four in the comics. The FF as a whole has been absent for quite a few years now. We’ve had the Human Torch spending time with the Inhumans and The Thing with the Guardians of the Galaxy. The two of them have teamed up now in the Marvel two-in-one comic series, which they’re trying to find Sue, Reed and the kids.

This is a very important moment for Marvel Comics—especially considering the trouble they seem to be having recently with their books. They keep on talking about getting back to basics and focusing on telling great stories. Well, this has been one of the few things that might prove they’re actually trying to accomplish this goal.

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For those of you who may not be familiar with the Fantastic Four, I’ll give you a quick rundown. Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Benjamin Grimm fly out into outer space for an experiment. They end up getting exposed to cosmic rays and crash-land back on Earth. Each of them gained special abilities from the cosmic rays.

Reed is able to stretch his body to amazing lengths, becoming Mr. Fantastic. Sue can become invisible and create force fields, thus she is now known as the Invisible Woman. Johnny can create fire which covers his whole body and he also gains the ability to fly, and is dubbed the Human Torch. Ben turns into this huge rock creature which gives him Incredible strength, and he’s known as The Thing.

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I personally haven’t read as much of the Fantastic Four as I would like. I started reading the Fantastic Four steadily when Mark Millar took over the book, then all the way up to Jonathan Hickman’s and James Robinson’s runs. I have read some stuff before then, including the complete run of the ultimate version of the characters, but nothing too regularly. I would really like to go back and read some of the old classic adventures of the FF, but I do believe a lot of those trades are out of print at the moment. Hopefully they start to publish them again.

As I stated before, with Marvel bringing back the first family of Marvel Comics, I hope it means they are keeping their word and trying to get back to basics. And hopefully it means the future for the company’s comic division will get better since the last few years haven’t been the best. And it’s just nice to have the group back together since it is the only real super family in mainstream comics.

I was really happy when I found out that the FF were returning. Even though I haven’t read as much FF stuff as I have of other characters, I really enjoyed what I’ve read. I’ve been wanting a new series ever since they cancelled the James Robinson run—a book which I feel was cut short. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until August for the new series, but we waited years for a new Fantastic Four title, so what’s a couple more months?

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