“Fun, crazy, and a must read for all wrestling fans!”

When a disgruntled professional wrestler declares himself “Galactic Champion of the Universe,” Earth is invaded by a planet of wrestling aliens who view it as an act of war!

wrestletopa art

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if an old washed-up wrestler got involved in an intergalactic wrestling program? Well, if that’s the case, this is the comic you need to read! You can tell right off the bat the writers are huge fans of wrestling. So, even if you’re just a casual fan of wrestling and or comics, you should check this out.

The comic starts with an alien race picking up an old transmission of what appears to be an 80s wrestling interview/promo. But due to how long it takes for the signal to reach them, it’s now 1999. Needless to say, the aliens don’t take to kindly to the old wrestling smack talk, so they declare war on Earth! Now with this being the first issue, we don’t get too much into what I assume will be the real craziness of this series. But we do get a good introduction to the characters.

wrestletopia art 2.jpg

The art has a bit of a cartoony feel to it but goes really well with the story. Especially when it comes to the different wrestlers personas and how they act and or dress. And I can only imagine it will get even better with the art as the series moves on. We also get to see different space creatures and that sort of thing. Aliens, wrestlers, and alien wrestlers always equals awesomeness!

As I said before, with this only being the first issue, we don’t get too much into the story; it’s mostly just a lot of setup and character building for the series. But there is a trade of the first volume out which has a lot of great stuff in it. I know from just reading the first issue this series will be a lot of fun going forward, and I would love to see what else happens to these characters. 

wrestletopia art 3.jpg

My final score for this doesn’t reflect the quality of the series as it’s only a review of the first issue. I think, like most comics, as the story continues so will the enjoyment factor of reading this. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to review the series as a whole one day. With that being said.

I’m giving Invasion From Planet Wrestletopia…

3 shots of whiskey

3 Out Of 5 Whiskey Shots

wrestletopia 1 cover.jpg

Written by: Ed Kuehnel and Matt Entin
Art by: Dan Schkade

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