DC has announced that spinning out of Batman #50, the wedding issue, Catwoman is getting her own series. This series will both be written and drawn by Jolle Jones—who has previous experience with the character in the recent Batman title.

This is Catwoman’s first solo series in the last couple of years. Her last one would have been during the New 52 era of DC. And there has been a decent amount of things that has happened to Selina Kyle since the. It should be interesting to see her take the main stage in her own series again.


I do wonder what this might mean for the marriage of Batman and Catwoman. From everything that they’ve released about this series, they make it seem like they do end up getting married and this solo series takes place after the honeymoon, but you can never be too sure. Especially when we know the Joker has something to say about this marriage.

The story does seem interesting, though. Catwoman has to deal with a copycat, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the work of this copycat is bringing the heat from GCPD. As you can imagine, she doesn’t need this extra trouble coming her way. They also teased about her getting a brand new villain in this series which should be pretty cool.

catwoman panel.png

I’m not sure if I’m going to pick this book up when it does come out. It has nothing to do with the character or anything like that, I’m actually kind of interested in it—especially with Jones being attached to the title.

The main deciding factor will be the price of the book. If I’m going to be honest, if it’s $2.99, there’s a much better chance of me at least checking it out. There’s just so many good books out there right now, it’s hard to get them all when you have a budget to work with. But I’m glad this title is coming out and looking forward to seeing where it goes—even though I might have to wait for the trades to read it.

new catwoman.png

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